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Are Season 2 and 3 any better?

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I already own Season 1. I played up to EP4 but didn't even bother to finish S1 due to the puzzles being far too easy for my taste and I wasn't really challenged for a point&click adventure.

So I was wondering, are Season 2 and 3 any better than 1?
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  • If anything the puzzles get easier from this point, so if that is what you are looking for then maybe its not worth it but if you enjoy the story and writing then I recommend you go on.
  • Ah I see. Naw I will skip the steam offer then. While I do enjoy the Story and humor I also need a certain level of challenge in the puzzles with these type of games. That's the reason why I didn't finish S1. Thanks for your answer.
  • Are they? Better than ever!!
  • They got progressively better! Season 2 is better than Season 1, and Season 3 is better than Season 2, at least I think so.
    Season 2 tends to be most people's favorite, though I think Season 3 is the best one.
  • Season 2 is easily better than Season 1, a lot of time travel related puzzles in Episodes 4 and 5 which were funny to work out.

    Season 3 starts off easier, but does have a few moments where it's challenging but again, more fun than Season 1.
  • I would suggest at least playing episode 5 of season 1, which is one of my favorites, and it does have a few interesting puzzles in it.

    Season 2 has about the same difficulty as Season 1, so you'll probably think it's too easy as well, but the storyline is better. Season 3 is the easiest of all (in my opinion - I don't want to get that argument started again!), but it has the most integrated story.
  • Yes and it does get harder in my opinion from Season 2 Ep 1 and even Episode 5 & 6 of season 1 get hard in my opinion. Season 2 Episode 4 has good time travel puzzles and Season 3 has puzzles that you have to use Max's new powers to solve which are fun in my opinion.
  • None of the seasons are particularly difficult, although there are occasionally some good puzzles. But IMO story telling improves in every season. If you're looking bit more challenge, but you enjoy Sam & Max humour then I would recommend LucasArts classic Sam & Max Hit the Road. It might be difficult to find, but some game stores still have copies of it (at least in Europe it's possible to find copies of re-release version).
  • I thought the puzzles in Season 2 was kind of difficult to figure out. If anything they get more surreal, so it takes more consideration and outside-the-box thinking to figure out.

    Season 3 was probably the easiest season but the story, overall design and interesting scenery was what kept me going instead of the puzzles.
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