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If this story was a miniseries....

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I know the easy question is "Could you see this as a movie?" but I don't think we could. So much happens that a movie could never justify it (like most games). However, if this was a special miniseries spin off it could be an even better show than the AMC show (it already is).

So if you could envision this as a miniseries:

Would you have it stay on AMC or go to a different network?

Who would you cast in the lead roles?

How many episodes could you see it being?

Would you want a good guy, bad guy, survivor, peacemaker, silent or neutral Lee as the main character (however you want to define it)?

Would you make any drastic changes?

Doug or Carley?

Should Telltale be directly involved in the storytelling?

Any big name directors/writers/showrunners you would attach?

Feel free to answer how you want and add any other comments!
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