will we see any bug fix/tweaks?

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I was wondering i just played through bttf.. The camera angles and walking/running causing my to run back where i come from. Missing voices at some parts where it doesn't play a voice. The game was fun but the controls seemed way to sticky and unresponsive at times. At part 4 of the game the hint/quests seemed to be no help at times where you really are stuck. When you have many quest/missions they don't seem to work well together and it would be nice to choose between them.

Loading each game from a different .exe and sometimes it wont recognize any being installed at all. It would be nice just one application in game to choose from like the walking dead. I think it would be great to get that same system in BTTF. Another small issue was changing the resolution each episode it would run at a 1600x900 for some reason and it looked terrible and had to keep changing it.

Any chances to see a update to get a more smoother experience?


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    I don't think Tell Tale will fix something :(

    In the german "version" of the game the sentences are unfinished at the end.
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