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The Travel Thread

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I meant to post this when I went to Connecticut, but I forgot. :eek:

I love traveling, and I love taking pictures of the places I go. I'm sure some of you all do too. So, why don't you share your vacation and holiday photos and experiences with us all. :)

As I said, I went to Connecticut this summer. I want to visit all 50 US states and CT was one I haven't been to before. I went to Waterbury and admired the clocks and the art on the buildings.

Then I went to Middlebury, and stopped at Maggie McFly's to eat lunch (because Maggie McFly is Marty's great grandmother in BTTF III and the logo had a clock on it so it seemed extra Back to the Future-y. :p) I ordered the paella, and it was delicious. If anyone ever is near eastern CT, I highly recommend making a trip to Maggie McFly's. I can't vouch for the other restaurants in the local chain, but the Middlebury location is excellent :)

And you'll be glad to know there is no buckshot in the food there. :p


I stopped for gas on the way back home in Brewster, NY, which is another cool little town. I had to take a few pictures of buildings there before I left.


It was only a two (actually 1 1/2) day trip, but it was fun. And I have pictures from two states taken right there. :) Just 48 more to go. :D
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