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Telltale Mystery Game: Who's Quilly?

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Okay guys, this is weird.

Take a look at the games-page on this very website: There's an overview of all the Telltale games released so far. But take a closer look. Look at the collection of characters in the top right (Sam, Wallace, a Hidden Person, etc). Between Strong Bad and Max, there's a new character! He's even sort of animated. Clicking on him takes you to the following website: (if you wait long enough he starts wearing a top hat, which is awesome).
Clicking on 'quilly' there takes you to an iTunes-page:

This is where you come in. I don't have an iPhone, so it's up to you to download it and report back. It appears to have been there since the 12th of september, and the comments mention something about 'Macheist'. Not being a Mac user I have no idea what that is. What is this? What's the connection with Telltale? Why is Quilly hanging out with Strong Bad and Max? What is happening?

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  • After some googling I found the following topic on the subject:
    If you start at the taptaptap homepage and follow Quilly by clicking him, you get a trail leading to Wikit, Kedisoft, Corel, Macpaw, Numbnotes, Telltale Games and Fuelcollective (seven spiders?) before ending up at www. -- I also believe that the software will be of use later (23 MB programming code just for putting a drawing on top of sepia tones images is a bit hefty). Maybe its used for some bonus missions.
    So Telltale isn't the only company who's involved. Maybe it's not a new game by Telltale, but a cross-promotion thing where players can earn discounts on Telltale's iPhone-games or something?

    Edit: Ah, yes. From that same website:
    MacHeist has brought together a community of over 1 million Mac Software enthusiasts. Solve puzzles and complete missions while working your way toward an amazing software bundle. MacHeist has been a blast in the past, and this time around it will be even better. Join the MacHeist community,
    solve the mystery, and score even more great software!
    So it seems Telltale is only participating in this thing, not actually developing a game.
  • MacHeist is a popular Mac apps bundle, only with a twist. Before purchasing the bundle you can take part in missions (puzzles) to obtain other free loot (apps). Telltale has participated in MacHeist before. The games I remember getting from MH were Monkey Island from NanoBundle 2, Puzzle Agent from The Heist iOS app, and BTTF from the MH Agent app. It's one of the best deals around. People have gotten Macs solely because of MacHeist. If you don't have a Mac but want to get the feel for it and you have an iOS device you can get The Heist (99cents) which will give you up to 3 steam redeemable games (PC/Mac).
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