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TWD: massive glitch problem

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i got a problem with my game. the game runs smoothly most of the time which is great n all, problem is, it doesnt save. if it try to exit the game( esc key), it takes me to a pause menu, but clicking on anything, just restarts the entire game( it comes up with the opening titles, and then continues to the bit where youre in the car with the copper).. i dont get why its doing this. i have re-downloaded the file off the telltale multiple times, but this keeps happening. its incredibly annoying because no matter how far i get in the game, i always have to restart it.

any help is much appreciated,

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  • Play a whole Episode through. (find time to do it)You will then have a savegame which is the same savegame that you will use to continue to the next episode and next. When you click play on Title screen,you should see your game you played. If you don't play an episode through, after clicking play, the game autosaves after you complete a Chapter in each Episode. If it doesn't even to that for you, sorry. May have to reinstall the game.
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