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Will Clementine die?

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First, let me say I don't want either, but I can totally imagine the writers doing something evil like killing off Lee and then Clem goes into sex slavery or something terrible.

If you kill Clem...

Just give Lee the option to off himself. Seriously.

If you kill Lee...

Just keep her safe. There's no ZA and children in this world are sold into slavery, prostitution, and all kinds of terrible things. I can't imagine what a world in a ZA world would look like. Just keep her safe.

Please & Thank you
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  • DreadMagus wrote: »
    Turn her into a zombie happy meal.

    Not because I want her to die, but because I think the reaction would be quite.... interesting.

    let her get bit and make Lee shoot her.
  • As long as she doesn't end up like Carl ( Rick's son in the comics ) I would rather have her dead like Carly or some other painless way than ending up like Carl...
  • Well, I think it's a good possibility no one will survive. Maybe Chuck, he seems shifty enough to slip away in the night. I'm fairly certain that TTG puts a blindfold on one of their employees, puts the pictures of all characters minus Clem and Lee on a dartboard, and depending on how they feel at that moment they let the blindfolded guy throw more or less darts. Whoever he hits gets killed off in the next episode.
  • Woldnt it be cool if Clem would turn into a zombie?

    Like she would get bitten and you'll have to decide to kill her or risk the lives of other in the group and your life and let her live and turn.

    Also it would be cool if you wouldnt be able to help her and then you'll have to fight her as a zombie, like the last boss fight or somethin like that.

    I really hope that someone important dies in Ep 5 and turns into a walker, either Clem or Lee.

    What do you think?

    You know what would also be great? If in the very last episode Lee would turn into a zombie and you would control Zombie-Lee tryin to kill Clementine, and either you succed or she kills you, which would be the two possible endings
  • Cool? Nope. Heartbreaking and disturbing? Yes.

    And I'm expecting TT to really hit us where it hurts in ep 5 and Clem is the most obvious target. I bet all those things you taught Clem since ep 1 will play a part in the final scene. And while TT is harsh, I think the uproar might be a little too big if we have to fight Clem in a boss battle at the end.
  • still going by the 'season 2 lee and clem return' so neither will turn except in 'dream sequences'
  • I was thinking, instead of dying, Clem could get bit and we´d have to amputate her bitten limb. How´s that for a harsh moment?
  • I don't really care about anyone else exept Lee and Clem-clem.
    Lee got bitten in season 4, so he's gonna turn.
    But..But what if he bites clem?
    But i have a feeling that TTG are going to make something bad happen to her.
  • The only way I see episode 5 becoming the heartbreaking ending to the season as all the reviewers call it is if Clementine is bitten and has to be put down while Lee lives on knowing he had failed her. The fact that Lee was bitten in ep 4, most of the fans had already anticipated and accepted his imminent demise. So it would be a very upsetting twist if instead somehow Clem dies.
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