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Regarding Duck turning into a walker

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I know I saw a thread last week that discussed Lee not being able to get Kenny to stop the train and Duck turns. I can't find the thread and I can't make this happen in my game...little help that an endgame moment or is it an actual playable choice??:confused:
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  • When Katjaa asks Lee to get Kenny because it's time and Lee goes up to the cab to get Kenny to stop the train, after the initial dialogue, if you choose to be silent, first Kenny will speed up the train, and if you choose to be silent again, he will push you out of the cab and lock the door. After that it's an automatic cutscene.
  • and it is a game over moment ;)

    call bs on kenny's actions like say he the reason duck is bitten then go silent..

    done.... if you want to avoid shooting duck make kenny shoot him but DON'T push him to do it.. having trouble getting a vid up but i'll post one soon.
  • Thank you! I was beginning to think I'd imagined that whole matter what my Lee said I couldn't reproduce that. I'm trying it again now the silent way.
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