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First comic up

posted by Alucard on - last edited - Viewed by 1.8K users
Don't know if anyone noticed yet but the first sam & max comic is up. Not too much there right not. Pretty much just a teaser but still cool. Hopefully we'll have something more by christmas.
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  • The "mouse-over" hidden image thing that was first used in Dank is interesting, but I can tell it's going to make saving these comics to disk too difficult... :(

    Still, it's great to see things finally get going! :)
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    They're aliiiivvveeee :p
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    Good that i subscribed the newsletter... I wouldn't have noticed without... :D
    I can't wait to see the finished version of it... B-)

    P.S. I have made my first Fanart Drawing of Sam & Max too... Is there someplace where i can post it..?
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    I like the Dank-esque changing panels, and I'm looking forwards to the new comics. :)

    The idea of Sam and Max "rising from the dead" as this comic suggests is very poignant.
  • Hmm. I'm not sure it's them coming from the grave.
  • it would make sense if they were coming out of the grave. Kind of reflects what lucas arts did to them.
  • LucasArts didn't kill the comic strips, though. Steve just kinda stopped making those or something. But as it stands, I do see that first strip as them "coming back from the dead" or something -even if it turns out to be something different that pops out, it's still what my first thoughts are. Like in horror movies where you think someone's gonna die, but it turns out to be just a cat knocking over some dishes. We supposed to think one thing, but it's really something else. That's what I call BRILLIANCE!!!! Or... eh.. yeah. :D
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    What impressed ME was the way Purcell's art style has evolved. Reading the late eigties/early ninties comics, yeah, there's humour, but there's also obnoxious, blinding colour (often out of the artist's control, i know) and busy backgrounds that occasionally detract from the oomf of the dialogue or the point of the panel. Sometimes they were funny, sometimes they were stupid. If the way this strip is drawn is an indicator of the way they all will be, i think we can say Sam & Max has improved by leaps and bounds. i mean...woah... pastels and carefully drawn "roughsketch" backgrounds? That's something you'd nevvvver see in those old comico/fishwrap books.
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    Hmm. I'm not sure it's them coming from the grave.

    Take a look at the grave in the background. It looks like it's written "Sam & Max" there. Actually it looks like "Sam & Max" that much that there really can't be another option.

    Wonder when the comic will be put on It's showing the same church, but no cartoon.

    Saving to hard drive? Hm, I guess good old prtscr would work with some cutting and pasting? But you'll miss the nice mouse-over thingy.
  • good find :) it does look like it says sam & max
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