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A tiny question

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Hi guys I'm new here,I just wanted to ask if anyone knows and can tell me,is the "Walking Dead and Almost everything pack" gonna be a DVD collection of the games or just a game download thing?Because the pack has all hese beautiful games in the list and it says "pre-order the Walking Dead game" I was wondering by "pre-order the game" does it mean it's gonna be a DVD version of all the episodes so far?
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  • They are intended for download. It says "pre-order" because only 3 of the episodes are currently released so far. Some of the games(Sam & Maxs, Strong Bad, BTTF) have a DVD available for just the cost of shipping after they are purchased(the collector's DVDs in the store that says $0.00. You will find them within each individual game's page in the store).
  • Thank you!I really wish they release The Walking Dead in a DVD collection,I just love games in DVD format.
  • more question: I just ordered the Back to the future the collector's pack DVD but I the page then gave me all the episodes to download,is it extra?I mean it lets me download all the episodes and in addition I will get them on DVD by mail(like I intended to get them)??Please help a noob :/
  • Yep, you get both digital and physical copies.
  • Hooray for Telltale Games!!! :D

    Now if only they release Walking Dead on a superspecial beautiful DVD edition....*drools*
  • Chances are they'll do something like that once they've finished all five episodes. They've done it for all their episodic games so far (well, except Puzzle Agent, but that's not really episodic, so I'll let them off), so I'd expect them to for The Walking Dead.
  • Yeah I downloaded the first episode and I played it a bit and it looks absolutely fantastic!
  • I just had my first sadness feeling in the game.Why did I choose Duck?I was like "Ohh man!!" you know why,don't wanna spoil it for other people.
  • The biggest "Ohh Man!" in a Telltale game is right.... here.
    (Yes, I'm bringing this up yet again folks)

    Watching these is much more amusing than the actual game.
  • Hmm Johro I'm actually thinking of buying this game this week.I was a HUGE JP fan in the early and mid 90s,we're talking about complete Jurassic Park madness so yeah...I guess I shouldn't miss this game.

    Something tells me there are a lot of "oooh maaaan" parts with deaths in WD :/
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