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walking dead problems episode 1

posted by Crazyhorse on - last edited - Viewed by 476 users
I played episode 1 through to the pickup at motel. Wanted to exit game. Hit escape. Went to screen with "main menu, settings, exit,and play game" i think. Anyway i clicked on exit and the game restarted from the beginning. Lost all of my game play. Hit escape again and hit settings button and the game restarted from the beginning again. Kept trying to exit game and no matter which button i hit the game would restart from the beginning. Had to shut my computer down to exit game. This is a bunch of crap. I paid 25 bucks for this? How do i get a refund?
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  • This happened to me as well, on my PC. I gave up and loaded the game onto my Macbook Pro (didn't have to pay again, just download from the same link where you installed initially) and it works fine on that.

    I had the same exact issues as you. I couldn't find a solution, I'm just glad it functions fine on my mac. If you have a laptop or something you could try downloading and playing on that..
  • I have Windows 7 64-bit OS and have tried playing with Walking Dead. I am having the same issue as the other people on this thread - the menu items ALL go back to restarting the game from scratch when coming out of the game via ESC.:(

    Anyone listening to this thread and can help with this issue?
  • i have the same problem. i'm playing on windows 7 64bit OS as well. its extremely annoying. if i for any reason would have to pause the game then hitting the "esc" button to pause it and hitting "resume" to continue progress it RESTARTS THE ENTIRE GAME. As the original poster stated any of the other options does the same thing, you end up having to hit "ctrl + esc" to minimize the window then close the game that way. i mean WTF, i payed 25$ for a game I can't even get through the first episode because TellTaleGames doesn't know how to operate a pause button?<<<<debating a refund
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