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Does anyone feel like I do?

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Every morning when I wake up, I think about Bone. I check my mail only to find the Bone One-Volume edition hasn't arrived yet (Still waiting...). I go online to check if there is any news on Bone. Nothing. I want Bone so bad I'm soon going mad :((

(Please understand my frustration.)

First of all I can't express how much I owe both TellTale and Jeff Smith. Thank you for starting out the Bone comic in the first place (Jeff), and now TellTale will be turning it into a ADVENTURE game! :D Who would've guessed?

At least the One-Volume edition will comfort me for a while when it arrives...
I've already read it once, halfway, and I will read over and over again till the game will be released (everything to calm my nerves).

I'm curious how I will handle waiting for the next episode of the game, or what will happen when I've played them all.

I'm thinking about Bone every hour of the day. I can't DO things anymore. I'm just waiting... First for the One-Volume edition arrives, then September.. The big month :D

Can't Jeff Smith go on and make more Bone? That would make my day!

Sorry, but thanks to TellTale and Jeff Smith I'm now a Bone-addict.
I need more Bone.

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