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Do you wish that there will never be a new KQ game?

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Does anyone else here actively hope and wish that another KQ game--whether by TT or any group that is not the fans--is never, ever made?
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  • No. I just want them to do it right.

    If they don't do it right, they shouldn't do it at all. I'm not actively wishing for them to drop the project, but if it turns out as something that could have been called any other game at all but for the KQ brand slapped on it and starring Graham, I will have wished that they had dropped it. Especially if it feels less like Sierra and more like LucasArts, because the point of this project is not to prove that devs from LucasArts can make a better Sierra adventure than devs from Sierra could.
  • The rights to make new King's Quest games should have been awarded to AGD Interactive. I love Telltale, but it's a travesty that AGDI isn't making the new games after all they've done to keep interest in the series alive over the years.
  • As much as I'm proud of what I've contributed to AGDI, I don't think they alone are responsible. They may have started the ball rolling, but other groups like IA and POS did their part as well. Really, it was just the group of fans themselves as a whole, be they part of a development team or the players, that kept King's Quest alive. Maybe it should have been given to the fans (public domain)?
  • I'm not sure about AGDI being any better at updates, timeliness of completing projects, etc. as TTG.

    I've been interested in Mage's Initiation ever since AGDI announced it back when KQ3 first came out. They seem to be taking forever to get it done, and it's a for profit project through their commercial brand, Himalaya Studios. They took forever on fan games, yes. But if they're taking forever on commercially profitable stuff, then I don't see how they would be better than TTG other than that TTG is more modern and AGDI is more old-school.

    I'm just saying that if AGDI had obtained the rights when TTG did, and announced it when TTG did, I don't think AGDI would be done with it by now either, even considering that they don't have many other projects to work on like TTG does. That's not excusig TTG for taking this long, though.
  • Well, TTG is a full and fairly seasoned company funded by publishers with a physical location and everybody working in one place, in one city, in one country. Also, it's their main day job. And they're not indie.
  • I'm just saying that time is money, and I don't see how Himalaya Studios can afford to take this long on their commercial projects if they intend to be successful at it. They said they wouldn't be doing any more fan projects because it doesn't make any money, but at this rate their commercial projects aren't making any money either, so I don't see the difference.
  • Well, hopefully, if Mage's is a decent success, it'll open them up to more cash, which will help their production speed.

  • I'd contribute to a Kickstarter to further develop AGDI as a real company. I've always held that some of the fan groups should get together and join a very loose confederacy of sorts, with each group acting creatively autonomously and simply pooling resources and distribution...It'd make great Sierra inspired competition to Lucasarts' TT. It'd be the closest thing to a "new Sierra" that there ever could be. But it'll sadly never happen, egos....
  • The rights to make new King's Quest games should have been awarded to AGD Interactive. I love Telltale, but it's a travesty that AGDI isn't making the new games after all they've done to keep interest in the series alive over the years.
    Himalaya, Please no... I don't really like their art style in comparison to the classic KQ games. Although perhaps that could be improved if they had an actual budget to work with. So I'll give, that that could be improved.

    Secondly their KQ games (barring their KQ1 remake) have very little to do with the classic series, being almost a complete reimagining with many plot divergences.

    Would I like to see them make the The Father's Acension game alluded to in part 2 and Part 3? Sure, it would be nice to see how they would have taken that story. But don't want it being considered a continuation of the true King's Quest series...

    However, some members of AGDI have said in the past if they made a commerical KQ game (or remake of KQ2, KQ3, etc) it wouldn't have anything to do with the Father, and would remain closer to the original KQ games. This I actually support, as I want continuation to be a continuation of the official games, not any fan game or remake. But how true it sticks to the original games is based in many factors, and is a matter of opinion.

    So you have a catch-22 conundrum really. The Father idea is an idea that would remain in the realm of the fan games. But they don't want to do another Fan Game. Yet if they went commericial with KQ it would stick closer to the original stories instead, so no closure to the Father storyline.

    So people can't have it both ways.
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