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I want to run away with Lilly....

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I know she's overly abrasive with a mild case of the crazy b***** syndrome but she was hot in some weird way. I thought Carley was hot too don't get me wrong but Lee could easily tap that. Lilly would require Lee to chase her and there's a thrill in that. I know other people wanted to run away with her as well, explain your reason?
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  • A huge grin appeared on my face when Lilly told me to get Clem and we'll go, moments later that grin turned upside down as the RV wheels screeched away without me, oh ttg you and your emotive responses
  • FarmerJoe wrote: »
    My mistake then. I just thought ,because he mentioned a video camera, he meant the scene when Lilly's talking to Clementine while she's drawing a picture at the end of episode 2.
    Clem does mention that Lilly is the one that gives her the hair bands,not Carley or Katjaa, which surely means she did have some concern for Clem's happiness and well being? Why bother if she doesn't really care about anyone.
    I can't remember,does it show anyone else other than Lee,Lilly and Duck spending any time with Clementine? I only know that she mentions that she likes Ben!!!

    Don't worry, I know I had no chance of getting you to see anything but pure darkness in Lilly. I'm not that dumb :)

    That's what i DID mean. I'm sorry if anyone got confused, I guess I could have worded my post better. And of course there are people who will always see Lilly as the new Darth Vader, because if everyone on these forums agreed then we'd have nothing to do until the next episode releases...
  • FarmerJoe wrote: »
    @ Rock114
    If Lee keeps quiet she does indeed say "Don't worry Dad,we'll get him out of here" but she then says "Nobody's doing anything". To me she seemed to be trying to placate her dad so she could get him to calm down.When she says "We get it Dad, it's a big deal" Larry answers "Do you! you're not fucking acting like it!".
    When Lee talks to her afterwards she tells "you should know that I didn't think he was right back there" and then Lee answers her with "Duck could of been bitten and you said and did nothing", that sounded to me that LEE thought Lilly should of been more forceful and decisive towards Duck.

    Yes, Lee was going to prison for his crime but the option wasn't viable for Lilly anymore.
    I felt that Lee already has enough blood on his hands and he would be a hypocrite if he condemned Lilly to die. I agree Killing on the suspicion of guilt is worse but is killing a man who is guilty of screwing your wife justifiable. People want to believe that Lee's murder was an accident or somehow justifiable, because hes the guy they control, but until Telltale confirms either way it, and Lee, will remain a mystery.

    Lilly is more sour than sweet but I don't think she was manipulative towards Lee, she was pretty straightforward on who she was.I think she did Care about Clem and about what could of happened to Clementine if she got sick.I don't believe either that she is a danger to Clem and is about to kill her.

    Is Lilly an angel = no She-devil- no, it isn't as back and white as that for me.

    My point with Lilly and Clem is that it is shown that she cared for Clem at least as much as any of the others did. Carley wasn't interacting with Clem when she was colouring,if I remember, she was depressed at that moment.Carley/Doug do give Clem batteries for her walkie talkie,is that a more generous act than Lilly with her hair bands? Katjaa also looks after Clem in the barn. I just don't think Lilly qualifies as the heartless harpy many like to believe and I'm sure she wouldnt brush off her crime easily, she would feel shame and guilt for what she did to Doug/Carley.

    Sir Fruitcakes makes a good point that the RV was very likely empty and I thought Clem had the back pack Kenny and Lee used for supplies.

    For me Lilly and Lee are more comparable and I cant see how some can consider her to be on the same level of depravity and cruelty as the Governor(rapist,killer and torturer), Negan(takes pleasure in killing) and a pedophile!

    KMatt makes a good point about the characters Telltale have created.
    The varying opinions and the differnt side people see in the them and situations they find themselves in show what a great job they're doing.I feel they have created the most complex and dare I say "human" characters I've experienced in a video game.

    Agreed. I only say Lilly is a bad person because so many people say KENNY is a bad person. He's just human, and so is Lilly. I don't think anyone in the group is really a "great" person. They're more "realistic" people than anything else. I have no idea how anyone can see Lilly as being even close to the Governor or Negan. She can be kind of a bitch sometimes, but Kenny can be a pretty big bastard too.

    As for her caring about Clem, I think it only extends as far as "Clementine is a child, I should be nice to her" kind of a feeling. Telltale has done some pretty fantastic things with this group of survivors, and I can't say I've found a group of more "human" characters in any other game I've played. Even the ones I hate as people, I adore as characters in a story.
  • Also Lee is a big factor in the game. People can affect other people so it depends who you lean to. Lee makes both Lilly and Kenny better people. He can also bring the worst in people. Still, there are core values that never change. Kenny's and Lilly's behaviours might change, but their personalities remain the same.
  • Rock114 wrote: »
    I have no idea how anyone can see Lilly as being even close to the Governor or Negan.

    It was said in jest. Technically Catwoman isn't "evil" either, yet she was a member of the Injustice League. :rolleyes:
  • Cyreen wrote: »
    It was said in jest. Technically Catwoman isn't "evil" either, yet she was a member of the Injustice League. :rolleyes:

    However, she's now gonna be a member of the Justice League :p
  • YamiRaziel wrote: »
    However, she's now gonna be a member of the Justice League :p
    Took her over 80 years though...
  • Rock114 wrote: »
    And she snapped and killed Carley out of pure anger. Lilly knew SOMEONE was involved with stealing the supplies, but she had no idea who it was. She decided to play God, and choose who got to live and who got to die.
    I wouldn't say she decided to play god,
    but she definitely decided to take action, I don't think she started interrogating like that with the pure intention of killing one of them or kicking one out, I think it just escalated in that direction, Going through everything that lilly did and managing everything in the group, handing out rations, having everyone hate you just because your the one who gets everything done... I would probably be pretty stressed out and be on the edge how it was, throw in my father getting his head smashed and I would probably be pretty close to snapping too probably not to that extent, but it doesn't mean she liked what she did.

    I also just think she was worried that the ones responsible for the thievery were actually linked with the bandits, Hince her questioning Carleys family
    Rock114 wrote: »
    The comment about Clem getting sick was, I believe, a play to get Lee on her side. Clem is Lee's only weakness and if she can convince him that Clem could be harmed if supplies keep vanishing then she'll have a damn fine henchman.
    I don't think Lilly is a very manipulative person, think on it, when in the episodes before that has she ever tried to coerce you to do anything? the only times I can think of is when her father was on the floor, and that was really a cry for help rather than manipulation, i Guess she tried to coerce you to find Larry medicine in EP1 but that was about it, maybe I missed something but I don't think she was being manipulative, I can believe Larry was worried about Clem because Larry, behind his generally angry and negative disposition wasn't that bad of a person either.

    You make some pretty good points, but I can't really believe Lilly is that manipulative.
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