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Bought Multi-Pack But Can't Play

posted by Neotribe on - last edited - Viewed by 589 users
I bought the first episode and loved the game. So I decided to buy the Multi-Pack. It now says "Starved for Help" is available but if I click on it, it tells me I need to purchase the game again.

I am using an iPad 2 with iOS 6. Do I need to do something special here? I assumed it would tell me I could now play Episode 2.
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  • You still need to download the episodes individually, but they're free if you bought the Season Pass.
  • So It isn't going to charge me when I press the five dollars to purchase it in iTunes? Telltale really should make this clear to its customers.
  • So, it finally gave me the option to "Get" episode 2. My friend was having the same problem I was and told me to completely close the app, turn off the iPad. Restart, and go back into the app. It then worked. Again, something telltale should sort out or instruct people to do.
  • I used to have problems like that trying to download already purchased apps back when I had an iPod touch.

    It'd tell me I had to buy it so I was always apprehensive about downloading it, but it never charged me. I think that's just a thing that the App Store does. Good that you managed to sort it out in the end though!
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