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bought the $40 package

posted by DJay on - last edited - Viewed by 197 users
Awhile back before TWD came out i bought the pre-order package with the other games included. It had sam and max, BTTF, all of TWD when they came out. As well as the lao and other games. I dont have any except BTTF ones on my games page. Am i to buy each one of these games separetely or what. I still have the original paypal receipt but no games except BTTF. What am i to do?
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    MattP Telltale Staff
    Hi Djay,

    My records show you have only completed one order for the first episode of BTTF. The other 2 orders, one for The Walking Dead, and the other for Walking Dead and Jurassic Park, were never completed. If you used a different account to purchase these episodes, please respond in a private message with any sensitive information and I can look into this further.
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