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Sam n Max Season 1 DVD does not work

posted by cyberdrugs on - last edited - Viewed by 510 users

I got the Sam n Max DVD 2 days ago, and it works fine in a DVD Movie player, but when I try to install the game, it will not load. It seems to think all the EXE files are dos files, and do not display their icons, only the blue and white icon used for dos exe files. I have tried the game on 5 machines, (even bought a new DVD drive to test it on, and that didn't work either), it worked once on one of the machines, but never again. The disc has not got a single scratch on it, and is perfectly legit as I bought it off this website.

Can somebody help me please?



Found the problem, the copy protection software you have added to your DVD's does not like any of my systems. My laptop it does not like due to me having AnyDVD which allows me to have Region Free DVD Playback, my home PC it does not like my Drive Emulator which allows me to open ISO's I have created for work, and finally my work PC's it does not like some other software we have on them.

I have also done a check, and if you are making use of SecuROM, I suggest you remove it, as there are many many reports of it damaging computer hardware. I do not see the point in you wasting money on these applications, when you gave me download links to download the games after I paid for them, and those have no copy protection.

All in all, I have found the problem, it cost me £50 (a new Laptop DVD Drive), and I am not impressed at all. I love the game, I love the work put into the game, but I am highly disappointed at the inconvenience you have caused me, and a few other people.

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  • Hi Justin,

    I'm sorry you had so much trouble with SecuROM. We evaluated our options very carefully before choosing to go with SecuROM and we went with it because it's a system that has been successfully used for copy protection by a lot of big games. Also I don't know of any cases of SecuROM damaging hardware (unlike Starforce, which is a bit more insidious). Incidentally, the downloadable versions do use an online activation system that a lot of our customers disliked, and our decision to go with the disc-based SecuROM was partly based on the complaints we'd received over the system used on the downloads.

    In any case, I am sorry you had trouble. We think long and hard about the best way to protect our games and none of our decisions are made lightly or with the intention of inconveniencing our customers.
  • The same on my machine. I am a software developer. The copy protection does not start the game. Instead it says it wont't start the game on a machine with a installed debuger. What the f****. I liked Sam and Max Hit The Road. I am sorry that I cannot play the new game :-(
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