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Small comment on shipping

posted by Janus Nielsen on - last edited - Viewed by 127 users
Read some of the other posts on the forums here, and like a few others, my DVD was slightly scratched when i received it. You should consider looking into DVD cases with a little holding mechanism, its kinda loose, and the DVD might fall out and be scratched during transport.
Same with the slip in extras, my magnet had a few bumps on it from the pin.

That being said, im VERY impressed with your handling of customer support, and replies on the boards here. The last few game boards i visited have had between little and no support or replies form anyone in the company, no matter what the problem.
I hope you keep that up, thats one of the things that make me buy games from a company again.
Having seen UBI Softs lack of support/anything on the forums during a 5 months problem for a lot of users to even be able to start their game, i dont even buy UBI Soft products any more, since i know they will not care for support. Nice to finally see a company that do better :)
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  • I'm not even sure if we had the option to choose among different types of DVD cases (it's not anything that was ever suggested to us by the manufacturer), but that is a good suggestion. As for the case files, we stuffed each one of those by hand and if we'd realized that the backing on the pin might damage the other stuff in the envelope, we probably would have stuffed them differently, but it was not something that occurred to us at the time. Sorry. :( (Consider the bumps part of the magnet's realism. Sam was carrying it around in his cardboard box with a whole lot of other items all through episode 3!)

    Also, thanks for the compliments about our support. We try not to suck. :D
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