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I've finally got my PC, and I have installed steam onto it because games are really cheap there.

I searched for the Walking Dead and found it for $24.99. I take it this is the season pass?

Also, If I purchase it through steam, after it downloads and the game launcher opens. Will the new episodes becoming available through the game launcher itself? Or will I have to download them again from Steam?

Lastly, are there any bonus' from downloading it from the Telltale website instead?
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  • Yes, buying The Walking Dead will get you all the episodes when they become available.

    I'm not sure how it works on Steam, but on the Telltale Store version you can download new episodes directly from the launcher. You don't even need to be signed into your Telltale account. I assume you'd have to be logged into Steam, but it'd otherwise work the same way.

    And I don't think you'll get any bonuses from either version (unless you like Steam achievements). Usually buying games off the Telltale Store will let you get the DVD for free (save shipping and handling) when it's released, although for some reason they haven't said if there'll be a Walking Dead DVD.
  • steam auto updates the episode once it's live so you should get the first 3 straight away.

    a retail copy/version is in the works estimated date is before christmas
  • There is sometimes a bit of a delay on Steam when games are released while they reformat the episodes for their server or whatever the hell it is that they do, but yeah, it will update automatically and $25 is all 5 episodes. If you buy directly from Telltale, you might get a PC disc for the cost of shipping when it is released (they have done that before with other games), but there is no guarantee that will happen.
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    Best way to a quick answer: A good, defining thread title.

    Question is answered - closing this. ;)
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