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I just noticed, that your season 2 site gets pretty messed up if you wathch it at a resolution of 800x600

I know most people won't do that

and you probably already know about that
But just in case
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  • Do people still use 800 x 600? But well noticed. ;)
  • Yeah. 800x600 = legacy.

    For God's sake, my video card doesn't even support 320x240 anymore...

    Kind of annoying when you're running old games, honestly.
  • well, in the sam and max default settings the resolution is 800x600
    (And it runs best on that resolution on my laptop)

    I know, everybody uses at least 1024x168
    I just was playing around a bit:)
  • My dad still uses 800x600. At the distance he likes to sit from his screen (some 2ft I reckon) he has too much trouble reading the fonts on any higher resolution. I use 1024x768 myself but I also will only go beyond that that when I get a 19' or larger screen; higher resolutions just arent comfortable. Of course you can just increase the font size, but that sort of defeats the purpose of upping the resolution in the first place.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Sorry :( Our site is really designed for 1024x768 and higher resolutions. There's an absolutely tiny percent of people who use 800x600 in our logs, so we've mostly stopped checking against it. You can download the trailer from the link Emily posted in a recent blog, though, and that will play on the smallest screen ever invented (if that screen happens to be displaying Windows Media Player).
  • Just out of interest, what does everyone else use?
    I'm using 1680 x 1050.
  • 1024x768 is the most common resolution, followed by 1280x1024. 800x600 is only about 2% of the total.
  • Man, I feel old...I still think of computer games as 640x480...
  • I'm using 1024x768 too.
  • 1280x800 here. A real pain when games don't support widescreen, but honestly, it's not usually too noticeable.
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