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BikeMan Improv comedy Live Stream Highlights (The TellTale Collection)

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[CENTER]BikeMan Highlights are NSFW and not for the overly sensitive[/CENTER]

The Below wall of text is back story and setup of what to expect, skip to the meat if you wish and come back later

I have to say that Telltale games have been my most enjoyable streaming experiences thus far. A little background, I offer a completely live comedy improv commentary on every game that I stream. I feel my strongest clips come out of the deep characters and well rounded dialogue I am given to work with in TellTale Games. For instance the Velociraptors in Jurassic Park known to my viewers and myself as Miles, Nigel and Rutager are fan favorites. Also Oscar unfortunately is no longer Oscar, he is now Macho Man Randy Savage in accordance with the popularity of the original joke. A lost save file helped more fully form these characters and their one liners, due to a second play-through being necessary

So here is my collection, of short and sweet, bite sized highlights, painstakingly extracted from my hours long broadcasts. Please note that all material is not safe for work, and all comments are stream of thought, if you are sensitive to curse words or dark humor, please give these a miss. Otherwise enjoy, I plucked these all myself, they are the strongest moments, and I am my own worst critic.

Original Channel Link, Back to the Future Currently in progress Nightly, Episode 1 halfway through:

Jurassic Park Special: The Raptor Saga (incomplete, full set ETA tonight)

Jurassic Park Second Play-through Highlights

The Walking Dead Game Highlights

Back To The Future Highlights (In progress, live every night around 9pm est)
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