question for German Bone fans

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I was just poking around on and came across their Bone Gold listing...

From what I can tell (which is not much, considering I don't know German), it's received positive user reviews and people seem to like the voice acting. That stood out to me because we've seen some complaints on the Sam & Max forum about the German localizations. I'm just curious if any of our German fans have played Bone Gold and if you'd say it's better localized than Sam & Max Season One (assuming you've also played that).

Also... maybe we can get a little street team thing going to spread the word about the localization? Bone Gold doesn't have nearly the marketing budget that Sam & Max Season One does, so you're not going to see it on any train station walls, but since Sam & Max Season One is getting a lot of attention in Germany right now, it's the perfect time to get people to notice Bone. If you happen to be in a German store and you see both Bone Gold and Sam & Max on the shelf, maybe move the Bone box next to the Sam & Max box so people will notice it? :D

We have some copies of Bone Gold that BHV sent us. I could part with a few if there are German fans who'd like to play them (to see how good the localizations are) and then talk them up on German forums if you think they're good. If you're a German fan and you'd be interested in helping out with this, send me a PM with your address and I'll try to get you a copy.


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