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One thing you like about each main character

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I genuinely like every character from the game. On a whole, I find them to be compelling and to some degree likable in their own way. I may rant on some choices they make, but Telltale has been smart in making them not just bad people because of that. So it can bug me a bit when people latch onto one character the most and use them to snipe at anyone who disagrees that they are not the best character (Carley and Doug fanboys are as guilty as anyone else).

So let's take a moment and think of something we each like about the lead characters. I'd love to see what people find interesting about each character and it gives us chance to be fair.

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  • LEE - Great rolemodel (mostly - except for the swears) and leader.
    CLEMENTINE - Good reminder of what you're fighting for.
    KENNY - Outstanding mustache.
    LILLY - Cared deeply for her father.
    KATJAA - Good ER nurse
    DUCK - annoying kid..wish we had more of em.
    LARRY - Cared deeply for his daughter
    CARLEY - only one who brought a gun to the ZA
    DOUG - Thanks for the help with the remote. next time, don't use your body to block a window.
    MARK - Solid hunting partner
    CHUCK - He has a guitar. Welcome to the group.
    OMID - Likes boring american civil war stuff
    CHRISTA - likes cats

    Thanks for not listing Ben. That would have been awkward to find something nice to say about him.:D
  • Well I won't comment on all.. But:

    KENNY: I think this guy is a survivalist, which might be bad in a group but doesn't make his opinion wrong, so far he has been right about most things. Duck wasn't bitten like Larry said, while he is more personally involved he was right, he was the only one other then Lee who suspected the St. John's were hiding a dark secret, and he was right about leaving the motor inn sooner then they did which would have his family still alive, Doug/Carley alive, and maybe a more stable Lilly?

    LILLY: She comes off as a controlling bitch, and while she is, it's not so simple as that. Of all the people in the group she has the most experience as a leader then the rest and takes it upon herself to take care of the well being of the group. She is more logical then Kenny is, where he thinks with his heart, and her with her head. She comes off cold for not wanting to help Lee's group and for not wanting Ben and his teacher/friend into the group but logically, trying to save these people only put the ones she's with in more danger, you never know who might be hiding a bite or who may be mentally unstable (Irony?).

    KATJAA: Not much to say about her cause she doesn't seem to get any development till the end. I liked the line Lee said to her about how she always looked at him with loving eyes and if she could still do that knowing he's a convict. She was the heart of the group, and seemed other then Doug/Carley, to not be so caught up personally to see things clearly.

    DUCK: Annoying kid turned superhero sidekick... yup.

    LARRY: Hated the guy for leaving me but grown to like the guy now. All he does is to protect his daughter, much like Lee with Clem. People say Lilly can take care of herself but I've known spouses or parents who will continue to do whatever it takes to help and support them no matter how capable they already are. People also like to throw the "leaving you behind" event in your face if you support him but think of this. Right now we don't know who the walkie man is, he could be a good guy for all we know, but there's already a lot of hate towards him because he's talking to Clem and you don't know what he's capable of. This is very much like Larry to Lee. All Larry knows about Lee is he killed a man before the walkers came, and now he is one of the very few people who is now living with him and his daughter. I do not blame him for hating Lee, as I would do the same thing in his position.
  • Kiel555;686068 said:
    Thanks for not listing Ben. That would have been awkward to find something nice to say about him.:D
    Opps! Haha! I totally blanked on him.
  • LEE - Depends on the player mostly, but my Lee is a pretty nice guy.
    CLEMENTINE - Innocence and Hope in a ZA.
    KENNY - Loyal to a point.
    LILLY - Believes in the safety of the group.
    KATJAA - Nurse Doctor?
    DUCK - Clem's friend :D
    LARRY - Was actually one of my favourite characters, sad to see him go :(
    CARLEY - Good shot and trusted me :D
    BEN - Ben... told us we were all infected?
    DOUG - Bros for life :D
    MARK - My loyal companion
    CHUCK - Badass Hobo with guitar :D
    OMID - All right dude, friendly and helpful.
    CHRISTA - Has a more of a "survivor" attitude, could help the group.
  • You know most people are sadden by Carley's death (Lesser extend to Doug), but Mark's death hit me more. I dunno if it was just that I expected Carley or Doug to die soon, but with Mark they really make him out as a good guy who will have Lee's back anytime, kinda like Shawn seemed in Episode 1. If I could bring back only one person who has died it would be him.
  • LEE - Quietly confident.
    CLEMENTINE - Observant and mischievous.
    KENNY - A BBQ & beers kinda guy, would make a good neighbor.
    LILLY - I like the fact that she's gone.
    KATJAA - Trustworthy.
    DUCK - Bubbly enthusiasm.
    LARRY - Gone!
    CARLEY - Direct.
    Ben - Puppy dumb, with promise.
    DOUG - Sincere.
    MARK - Eager to please.
    CHUCK - Easygoing.
    OMID - Friendly.
    CHRISTA - Genuinely concerned about Clem.
  • Things I like/dislike

    Like - Still in the world of the living.
    Dislike - Wasn't able to successfully kill off Clementine

    Like - Can't die because she has super powers!
    Dislike - Couldn't kill a zombie in episode 3. *hence how she got eaten in the first place*

    Like - That I'll be killing him off ASAP!
    Dislike - Have not been able to kill him yet.

    Like - Psychotic, in my age range and lonely. Father did have his head seasoned after all. *Licks fingers* "Mmm. braiiiins!"
    Dislike - Drove off and left me with the rat-pack.

    Like - Was able to kill herself. One less in the group. Trimmed the fat.
    Dislike - Could have done it sooner. Wasted so much food on her.

    Like - He's dead.
    Dislike - More waste of precious resources.

    Like - Demeanor and over-all attitude.
    Dislike - He's dead. Though I did tell him to calm down. If he'd been alive perhaps Lilly and Carley would still be around.

    Like - My age range, good with a gun.
    Dislike - She's "dead". She was a hypocrite. (Told me to never tell anyone about my murdering ways in episode 1 then said that it would be the best thing to do later on.)

    Like - Will be killing him as soon as possible
    Dislike - Not allowed to kill him yet. Couldn't push him off the train. Couldn't fess up to being a traitor. He. Is. Still. Breathing!

    Like - Good with electronics
    Dislike - Thought he was bulletproof.

    Like - He brought us food!
    Dislike - Didn't get to eat him. *stomach grumbles*

    Like - Nothing
    Dislike - Can't trust him. Too bossy and Mr. Know-it-all.

    Like - Unsure, Will wait until EP 4.
    Dislike - He's hurt. Hey, he wouldn't jump so I had to push him. *shrugs*

    Like - My age range! Could use to help re-populate humanity.
    Dislike - Unsure yet, Will wait till the next episode. Might not like being Eve to my Adam.
  • LEE
    Like - Smart, Clumsy, keeps the group together, and can be a comedian.
    Dislike - Can be slow to react.

    Like - Innocent as hell
    Dislike - May not be able to make it to the end.

    Like - Wouldn't put anybody who was not already in danger in danger on purpose, honest too.
    Dislike - Quick to take action without much consideration.

    Like - Was good at managing the group and taught the group how to shoot really well, she would have made a good leader.
    Dislike - Took the angry demeanor from her dad.

    Like - Good physician, trustworthy, and cares a lot about the people around her
    Dislike - Doesn't want/try to be involved with much at all.

    Like - Doesn't mope around and stays cheery.
    Dislike - Can easily get in the way sometimes.

    Like - Direct as all hell, he doesn't try to be your friend when he obviously has something against you, its a shame hes gone, even though he had something against you the fact that he came to your rescue/backed off of you in ep2 if you gave him food and told Mark that you were just protecting Clementine meant that he wasn't likely to try to kill you again, also he probably did care for Clementine.
    Dislike - Although he'll help you, he'll back off of you, and he may not try to kill you again, if he lived you'd have never been able to get on good terms with him, also very negative, aggressive, and angry, and not just to Lee.

    Like - Good shot, good person, good help, always takes action when you need it, cares for everyone around her, and really just a asset.
    Dislike - ...batterys

    Like - Hes young.
    Dislike - Useless and quick to make mistakes, naive too.

    Like - Wishes that you'd have chose Carley instead of him, caring about others around him, just like Carley, and a Asset.
    Dislike - He doesn't try to be as involved as Carley does, and doesn't take much serious either.

    Like - Overall nice guy.
    Dislike - Can't stand up to anyone without backing out.

    Like - He cares about Clem and Ben
    Dislike - He doesn't care what he says to Clem or Ben.

    Like - He seems like a really good sort, really reminiscent of Mark too.
    Dislike - He seems a little scared easily and jokes at bad times.

    Like - Shes not afraid to speak her mind, no matter how rude/mean it may be, that's a valuable trait.
    Dislike - She's too distant to try to share her past.
  • As requested by the thread title, I am focusing on likes

    LEE - He is the one I directly control, so I usually like the decisions he makes ;)

    CLEMENTINE - She's small and can fit in tight spaces

    KENNY - He can fix stuff

    LILLY - Long term planner, disciplined soldier (before she snapped)

    KATJAA - She's dead

    DUCK - See above

    LARRY - I actually respected his instinct to protect his daughter

    CARLEY - Good shot

    Ben - He will make excellent walker bait

    DOUG - I liked how resourceful he was

    MARK - He was just pleasant

    CHUCK - Theoretically he has life experience

    OMID - Walker bait

    CHRISTA - shows promise as a pragmatic leader.
  • LEE - All round nice guy, always polite and honest

    CLEMENTINE - Doesnt get in my way and is always happy to help. Cheers me up aswell.

    KENNY - Just trying to save his family and he and my Lee are bros aswell. He also has a awesome moustache.

    LILLY - Um, she gave Clem hairbands so she's not all bad i guess. :P

    KATJAA - Good person, didnt start any fights and was a good medic

    DUCK - Robin, nuff said.

    LARRY - I admired his determination to protect his daughter

    CARLEY - She and Lee trusted each other and she always had faith he would do the right thing. She's also a really good shot.

    Ben - Doesnt start any fights, and unlike most, i dont blame him for the bandit deal.

    DOUG - And all round sincere, honest and pleasant guy.

    MARK - Good person, seemed pretty understanding. Was also tough, didnt even complain that much with an arrow in his shoulder :D

    CHUCK - Seems pretty friendly, gave some (hopefully) non-dodgy candy to Ben and Clem. Also plays the guitar

    OMID - Friendly and likes history like i do.

    CHRISTA - Seems to honestly care about Clem
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