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Unfair !

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why did carley have to die when you have the chance to choose between if you can kill the st. Brohers. Couldn't telltale give us the chance to choose between ben and Carley ! can't you guys do that. To change that in a uptate or something ? Because Carley was just awsome ! please ! and the game is awsome! And im not the only one who want carley to live it's alot thousands !
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  • We didn't kill Carley.
  • Please no. Think about the impact and atmosphere her death has set. Players now understand that this world is harsh and unforgiving. Anything can happen to anyone at any moment.

    If everyone was alive and always happily together, the walkers may as well not exist, or you should be playing a different game! :P

    (I would like to see Doug still alive, as I appreciated his unique inventions and silent method of distraction via a laser pointer, but it is great to see that my favorite characters are not safe.)
  • Next time please type SPOILERS next to your thread's name....
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    I moved this thread into the story discussion forum, but it STILL is a duplicate.

    There's a very big "Carley" thread and several dozen others with the same topic. Please use them.
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