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Why did ***** die? I thought the bite dident kill you.

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I thought it was when you die you come back, And normally when bitten you are killed or kill yourself.

have there been cases when someones been bitten survived?
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  • In TWD you can survive if you amputate the puncture.
  • I think it's like a komodo dragon bite. The saliva of a dragon is full of bacteria from the rotting flesh and whatnot in it's mouth. The bacteria is so powerful it bites something then follows it until it dies from a massive infection. Then lunchie munchies.
  • The walkers transmite a deadly infection through the bite, but it's different than what turns you into a walker. The bite-infection and whatever causes people to turn might be related somehow, but that seems to be it.
  • In the comics, the bite kills you because of bacteria and blood loss, but does not make you turn.

    Dying makes you turn.

    And since the comics are treated as canon in the game, the same logic should apply.
  • When you're bitten you die a usually slow and painful death and then come back. In the comics people have amputated bitten body parts like a leg to prevent becoming a walker but amputation can still fail. They can die from things like bleeding out.
  • Specifically, *****SPOILERS**** Dale is the only one in the comics to have survive an amputation from a bite. They tried with Alan, but he lost too much blood at that point. So it is possible.
  • Well, this has been adequately answered.
  • Get bitten - either die or transform into a zombie.

    Get killed (not by zombies) - you zombify, unless you destroy the brain.
  • The bite transmits an unknown disease/virus/infection which is lethal and incurable. Only survivable if the affected area is quickly removed from the rest of the body before spreading. Without this, the bite means inevitable, fast-approaching death.

    What the bite doesn't cause is the zombification itself because the evidence shows that people will turn after death regardless of the reason they died, unless the brain is destroyed. The reason for this could be anything from an airborne/waterborne virus to some supernatural force. Whether a zombie could also spread this symptom through it's bite is likely, but practically impossible to know due to the seeming lack of "pure" survivors.
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