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What is your favorite movie?

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This is a place where you can tell everyone your favorite movies,your most favorite movie :).

My favorite movie is The Incredibles. I love this movie because Pixar perfectly made fun of superheroes in this movie while still having a serious story. The characters are great and Mr.Incredible's need to do hero work is good because it shows us how hard it is for a hero to just stop hero stuff and be normal. It is shown further when we see that his boss is a person who will not help anyone and only thinks of himself and his company. The comedy is great too like when it makes fun of how villains always make a big speech when they have their enemies right where they want them.

I still wonder why Pixar decided to make a Cars 2 instead of a Incredibles 2. The Incredibles goes up with the Toy Story Trilogy & Monsters Inc as my favorite Pixar movie and i think it is one of Pixar's greatest movies.
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