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If the Zombie Apocalypse starts...TODAY!

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If the Zombie Apocalypse starts today or let's say tomorrow...if there's like this huge zombie virus outbreak in your country and in your city or wherever you live...are you ready to face the hordes of hungry and bloodthirsty zombies?What are the defensive measures you'll take right now?How would you spend the night?

Do you have enough supplies to stay in the house for a few days?

I'll reply after you guys post first! :)
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  • I could finally have a chance to protect the woman I love.
    Taking someone to dinner or shopping aren't my way.
  • Well I'm at work surrounded by lots of sick people, so the emergency pack at home and the grab bag in my car will be pretty useless when the zombie horde comes crashing through my office door.
  • Funny,I bought World War Z by Max Brooks yesterday night.

    Anyway,if the zombie apocalypse started today...I'd definetely lock the door and close all windows to keep it dark.I'd probably use my mom's Glock 17(which is also the weapon mostly featured in The Walking Dead game),I also have a katana and a baseball but as well as some knives but seriously,who'd want to fight zombies with melee weapons?I wouldn't want to get close to zombies!
    I also have about 2-3 luncheon meat cans and a few tuna cans as well as some other food that would last for a few days probably.Some batteries and a few flashlighties and many candles.

    But I would have to go out sooner or later in search of more food and other stuff!
  • Well, the 12 gauge and 9mm are easy enough to get to, so I'll start there.
  • If the zombie apocalypse starts today, how would you die?
  • I had a car accident this morning, so it would have suited the day.
  • What fucking zombie survival guide lol? Of course I have everything lol by the way I live an an apartment/flat so it will be obviously easy :D
  • What do you mean you got everything?What do you have?Just in case we all move to your know...getting kicked out of the barn and all :p
  • I have my basement stocked with food and water for an emergency. I can survive with the items inside for at least a month. The biggest threat about my home is the large picture windows. I keep them covered but they would need to be boarded up so that would be job one.

    I personally would avoid going out and scavenging for supplies during the first wave of attacks. I live pretty near a shopping center, full of supplies but full of potentially infected people too.

    As long as I wasn't on campus when it hit, I think I could make it for a while.
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