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xbox360: won't let me play episode 2

posted by treestar on - Viewed by 281 users
The Walking Dead xbox :i know everyone seems to have a problem here or there, and I am looking for a solution in the other threads...

I finished Episode 1 over the summer & bought Episode 2, but it never downloaded (said it was "available" but not installed). So I just DLed it a few times & decided maybe I just got gypped out of 400pts.

Today I finally bought Episode 3 & woohoo it DLed BOTH ep 2 AND 3 ;-)

So I went to play again, brought me back to Episode 1 again (I can't tell you how many times i've played that last scene at the motel just HOPING it would finally go to episode 2 afterwards). Well, it didn't. I've tried logging out, turning off my xbox. I have all my achievements from that 1st episode. And now it even shows both the 2nd & 3rd eppies are installed, but won't let me play anything more than that last DARNED scene in ep1 ;-)

If anyone knows how to remedy this or how i can get a refund for my 800pts, that would be amazing, though I don't see this being easy. I just wish i hadn't bought these because I'd really would have rather used those points toward my Borderlands pass lol.

Thanks 4 reading
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