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Would you open the door?

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This is a thread that I've posted in another forum I am as well,but basically the question is this:

Say that you are in a secured room or safe house and there are monsters out there.In our case I guess zombies.It's dangerous.Somebody knocks on the door and asks you to open the door!He's probably hunted by zombies.

He can be a complete stranger or a dear person.But hunted by zombies.

Would you open the door?
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  • I would want to at least have the chance to see that person. You can read a lot out of peoples looks, but in general I would open the door. More people mean more food needed, but they often also mean more skills added, and nearly always more manpower.
  • If they're knocking on the door you can assume they've seen you, so doing nothing isn't really an option. I'd be sure to grab a weapon before I opened the door though.
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    vixvicco BANNED
    If it is a stranger, hell no! Friend, definitely.
  • If my room has a safe exit, perhaps. I will demand more information from the stranger.

    If not, the door stays closed.

    If it's a neighbour or friend, he or she is coming in, unless the zombies are right in the hallway. In this case, no.

    Family member? Door open only if zombies are not right on top of him/her.
  • Whatever is the situation I wouldn't choose to open the door because that means the zombies would know of my presence and try to bring the door down. If the door remains shut and they kill him in front of my doorstep they wouldn't know that I'm there and so wouldn't try to bring down the door, UNLESS I accidently make a noise to attract their attention. This thing is exactly similar to the first part of ep3 :P If you choose to shoot the girl they'll come for you and if you don't they wouldn't be able to know that you're there
  • HELL NO! Survival at all costs for my group, screw anybody out there

    Meh... You still don't get it, More people = more chances of survival. You always need someone to watch your back (Unless you are Michonne. Yay for Michonne.), if he/she was bitten, we'd manage, i would kill him, but wouldnt let him die alone outside.
    "Carley: And we can't just let people die, either!"
  • Hell yeah I'd open the door. I was just on my way to beat zombies to death with their own severed arms. The other dude can come along and carry supplies I find!
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