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TWD Most hated

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Who do you hate the most so far?

I'm going to list the whole (core) cast not to be biased.
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  • Hmm, I wonder how this will turn out...
    I think I'll wait until the end of episode 5 to make my final decision.It's only half way and we don't know that much about the new group members yet,events and characters keep changing.

    Edit: I wont vote yet but I'll look into my crystal ball:
    My crystal ball isn't as clear now but:
  • Kenny. I dont like Lilly or Ben but Kenny us a damn dirtbag.
  • Ill probably remake this post after episode 5 (if someone else doesn't make it before me). This is basically a "Hate this person so far" I'm sure someone will give us a reason to murder them in this episode too. lol
  • I think Lilly deserves it the most, Ben's a good kid, just a dumbass when it comes to pressure. Kenny is acting more ruthless, but I feel he should get a freepass considering hes always been trying to protect his wife and kid...just wonder what happens now.
  • Straight in there with Ben.

    I've never really hated a character but I opted for Ben all the same. It's more disappointment, than full blown hate. I expected more of him.
  • I blame Kenny for everything. Ben is a very very close second in whom I hate the most.
  • Lilly killed someone important to me! I wish now she dies in hell.
    I hate Ben too, but he's only Donkey and Coward.
    But it would be nice if he made company for Lilly in hell!
    l hate Lilly more!
  • Larry, I can understand his point of view but he didn't have to be so mean to Lee D:

    Wonder if Ben will ever man up xD As much as i love Doug and Carley I can't bring myself to down right hate Ben , I guess its just 'cause he's young and stupid, and the young and stupid always makes mistakes. I just hope he mans up sooner or later or he may just take my vote on this one for the episode 5 poll of this :P
  • Kenny

    Responsible for Shawns death
    Kills Larry
    Does nothing to help Lee with Danny after he said he would
    Bad attitude and fickle
    Causes nothing but trouble at the motel

    Had he not been such a prick, Lilly wouldn't have been anywhere near as mental, Carley would be alive and the motel assault that lead to Katjaa and Duck dying wouldn't have happened. Kenny has had some responsibility in the death of pretty much everyone, I'll be glad to be rid of him.
  • Only if there was an "all" option or you could choose multiple people
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