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I think playing the blame game is silly...

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People keep blaming Ben for what happened at the motel, others blame Lilly or Kenny. When it comes down to it people just want someone to pin it on and thats natural. But really, no one is to blame. Ben, sure he did a stupid stupid thing, but he only did it to PROTECT all of you and yeah he didn't tell anyone but that was probably because of the reaction (I've seen a lot of people on here talk about how they are going to kill him...) He didn't want to get everyone mad, especially as he's only known them for a week now.

Really there is only one person you can blame, even then people will say its not his fault because he didn't know or it wasn't his fault because he didn't directly do these things but...Really, if you had to blame someone. Blame Lee. Think about it, Doug (I saved Carley) died because Lee sent him to save the window. Larry died because Lee didn't want to leave when they should've despite Lilly's suggestions (Or because you put a salt lick on his face) The bandits then decided to go after them because Lee and gang killed the St. Johns. Which then led to them cornering Ben (One guy who is pretty defenceless) Really you can blame him and call him a coward all you want, but when it comes down to it there is no one you can blame. Everyone is stupid and cowardly, thats how fear works. I'm not saying to be 100% forgiving of his stupid actions, but don't despise him for it, after all players love Carley, and she doesn't even understand frigging batteries! ;)
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  • cormoran wrote: »
    I blame the bandits.

    I know, I know, I'm odd for blaming the people actually responsible.

    Wait wait, you're blaming the people who actually are insane killers....WHAT ARE YOU MAN? MAD! :eek:
  • On the one hand, the bandits are of course to blame as well, but on the other hand, it kinda feels like blaming the fox for eating the chickens...the bandits are expected to be jerks.
  • On the one hand, the bandits are of course to blame as well, but on the other hand, it kinda feels like blaming the fox for eating the chickens...the bandits are expected to be jerks.

    Speaking as someone who has done so, the farmer will shoot the fox dead for doing what it does. Being expected to do it is no defense.
  • It's all just causality.

    If x had done this then y wouldn't have happened but if z hadn't happened then x would never have had to blah blah blah.

    That is an infinite regress. Ultimately that would mean something along the lines of: "If god hadn't made the world, all of this would never have happened. I blame him!"

    In the case of Lilly shooting Carley: Nobody made Lilly do it! Not Ben with his betrayal, not Carley with her insults and not Kenny when he killed Lilly's father. Nothing forced Lilly to take that step. There was no deeper necessity about it. No reasons except for the (bad) ones Lilly had. She did it out of her free will.
  • I don't blame Ben anymore, I blame this one guy named BourbonTeacup.

    It's the shifty eyes....


  • There's no Guilt in a ZA, you just do what you think it's right. EVERYONE is going to die, no matter what, even before the zombie outbreak, if you do something wrong you're just lowering your chances of Survival, doesn't mean you're just plain dead.
  • Good to see people who don't want to murder Ben. I can honestly see myself acting the same way if I were him.
  • I actually liked Ben in Ep 2 and I still liked him in Ep 3, but not as much.

    If the Ep 4 trailer showed us the truth (Ben abandoning Clem) I might no longer like him...

    Okay, okay, time to be serious.

    Yeah, I have to agree with this post. EVEN though, it goes very, very far back, farther back then I thought it would, but yes. It is Lee's fault.
  • I'm not one to hate Ben but I don't blame him for how things went down, I blame him for his stupidity in believing the bandits in the first place.

    Had he said anything but "THEY SAID THEY HAD MY FRIEND", maybe like he was protecting the group from bandit attacks, I wouldn't be angry at him.

    Told him that he'd have to step-up and then threatened him (shows him how easily he can pay for his mistake) and if he doesn't step-up to become somebody competent to the group, he's a liability which needs to be dealt with.

    Won't outright shoot him until he gives me an excuse but I wouldn't step in if Kenny was pissed off and wanted to "avenge" his family.
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