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Lee's best lines! ( SPOILERS )

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I wanted to start a thread where a bunch of us would compile all of Lee's best line into one place. So I'll start with my favorite.

"NO. You don't touch that boy, you don't TOUCH anybody. I've got a little girl I'm trying to protect in here too. You want to get violent you old fuck?! Well, COME ON. You better have a plan to kill me though, because it's ME before anyone else here!" - Lee to Larry at drug store.
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  • Acadias wrote: »
    Lee goes hard, he says a lot of stuff. He was going to put some pain on Larry in Eps1
    Yep. Which is why I'm playing "hard" Lee.
  • "Damn, girl, that's cold."
  • Mind your own buisness!

    officer? goddamn!

    Well fuckin' done Doug.
  • "I'll miss you"
  • Yertos wrote: »
    Who the fuck are these people in the woods?!
    Two quarters... and a dime! :cool:

    Just the way he says those lines makes me laugh every time.

    Love it :)
  • After reading all of these... I think Lee doesn't have any bad lines.
  • staticfl wrote: »
    After reading all of these... I think Lee doesn't have any bad lines.

    Come here... --- Yeah, but you did this... smart...

    Probably a bug, but still:P
  • "You got this. You got this, motherfucker."
  • Lee: *exhales* ...god... (the way he says it, after Kenny's death)

    Kenny: That thing looks rickety...
    Lee: Maybe keep that shit to yourself next time? (again the way he says it)

    Lee: This wall ain't shit (same here)

    Lee: Did you lick it? (look above)
    Clem: I don't know...

    Clem: The day I saw you I thought about dropping a hammer on your head.
    Lee: That's... nice. *tries to smile*
    Clem: I didn't though.

    Lee to Kenny: Get a grip man, the boat is fucked!

    Lee to Vernon: *waving with gun* My friend here asked you a question...

    Lee to Vernon #2: I'm gonna pretend you didn't say any of this and give you the chance to walk away, which you oughta do, right now. (...) That little girl's in my care. We've been through more together than you can imagine, anyone who tries to get between me and her, ANYONE - is gonna wind up DEAD, YOU HEAR ME?

    Lee: IT'S OVER!

    Lee: Clem, I k... I... got in a fight once...

    Lee: I'll miss you

    there are way more great ones, but that's just the ones, that crossed my mind first.
  • Carley: Our group is small.
    Lee: You're small.
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