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Lee's best lines! ( SPOILERS )

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I wanted to start a thread where a bunch of us would compile all of Lee's best line into one place. So I'll start with my favorite.

"NO. You don't touch that boy, you don't TOUCH anybody. I've got a little girl I'm trying to protect in here too. You want to get violent you old fuck?! Well, COME ON. You better have a plan to kill me though, because it's ME before anyone else here!" - Lee to Larry at drug store.
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  • aguyuno;695395 said:
    Bingo. SUCH a great line, only made better by him blowing the St. John guy's head open.
    I prefer kicking him into the electric fence.
  • TIME FOR PLAN B when Lee and Kenny could not find a boat
  • "I'm so fucked."
  • "It's just gotten too bad. We don't know what we're doing anymore. I'd give anything to go back to fighting over the motel."
  • Lee to Larry in the meat locker

    Lee: Come on Larry do you really wanna attract their attention?
    Larry: Yeah I wanna attract their attention, so I can fucking kill them!
    Lee: Guess your new girlfriend wasnt all she was cracked up to be.
    Larry: What the hell is your godamn problem? You refused to give me my days rations back at the Motor Lodge, and you went out of your way to be an asshole to me tonight.
  • Nearly all his lines are awesome, I could never pick one out of the crowd, I do like his speech in the drug store if you help Duck.
  • God Dammit! The one time I'm asked about my faverotie Lee lines and I can't remember any. Give me a little while to think of some and in the words of the terminator "I'll be back"
  • I could give you a hint as everything he says in the last episode was great.
  • Ok I just literally went and watched a crap load of video's on YouTube trying to remember Lee's best lines. So here are some of the top of my head

    Lee: We were starving, it was cold
    Stranger: So my family starved in the cold!

    Lee: I'll miss you

    Lee: Did you lick?

    That's all I got, but I'll come back if I think of more.
  • Off the top of my head, not sure if quotes are 100% accurate:

    "If you want to get violent you old fuck then come on! You better have a plan to kill me though because it's me before anyone else in here!"
    "You're already tainted!"
    "It's over!"
    "Your small."
    "I'm glad I have you."
    "I know it's not anytime for, you know, romance but yeah, I was fond of her."
    "You'll lose everything acting like this!"
    "No parent should have to do something like this..."
    "We learned not to be afraid. They should have gotten us, but we got them."
    "Don't worry Clem, I'm coming."
    "This isn't what Katjaa would have wanted."
    "I wanted a family..."
    "Stay close to me."
    "... I'll miss you."
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