Lee's best lines! ( SPOILERS )



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    Some of my favorite lines, for whatever reasons:

    "I won't leave you alone."

    "Hmm. Pointy."

    "Two quarters... and a dime."

    "No! You don't touch that boy! You don't touch anybody! I've got a little girl I'm trying to protect in here, too. You want to get violent, you old fuck?! Well, come on! You'd better have a plan to kill me, though, because it's ME before anyone else in here!"

    "You think you're the reason Duck was bitten ... You didn't kill Hershel's son."
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    Hey SonnyN18 you don't mind if I make a thread about other characters best lines such as Clem, Kenny etc. I just wanted to ask in case you thought I was copying your thread.
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