TOMI all episodes crashes everytime on mac

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since today (i've not been playing since a couple of weeks) all of my first 3 episodes of TOMI crashes every time i load or start a new game

actually the game launches normally, i get to the menu so well, and as soon as i click on "load" or "start a new game" it crashes and i come back to desktop

it's hard to understand since it always worked perfectly lately

i managed to play anyway by switching of the full screen mode - load my game - and switch back full screen ... if it appears to work sometimes, it's not fixing the whole problems and keep crashing on an on (especially during the switching between full screen/windowed mode)

i'm on a mac mini 2011 on Lion and it seems Apple provided a big update a few days ago ( the kind of updates which needs a restart )

the other thing is i accidentely unplugged my mac when he was sleeping (but wasn't playing monkey island at this time though)

maybe these clues may help you finding a solution, or someone will recognize his own problem in these explanations ?

thanks for any feed back
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