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A New Zero: FPS prototype with animation completely replaced by physics (1 MB)

posted by Secret Fawful on - last edited - Viewed by 198 users
It's still a bit wonky to move around, but it's getting close to a playable state. Everything you see in the video is physics-based, there are no animations (the entire game is still less than 1 meg). The players are moved forward by the legs moving, not the other way around. The only "cheating" right now is forces applied to the waist for balance and direction. The gun recoil is simply a force applied to the gun, which moves the hand which then propagates the force through the body.
Players are moved forward specifically by the legs moving, and not because of animation. Head bob can cause a bit of motion sickness however.
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  • Wow! We have a badass over here! By the way, frases must be started with CAPITAL letters and the basic of a geometric object is a pyramid of triangular base. And it LOOKS LIKE MINECRAFT!
    How the hell did this get top comment?

    On a more related note, looks awesome. I think it's something more programmers are looking into, procedurally generated "animations". I can only imagine where this will get to.
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