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[SPOILERS]The Walking Dead Episode 4 REVIEW Thread

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Yup, this is it. Post your long and short, detailed or general, random or specific thoughts about "Around every Corner" right here.

No spoiler tags necessary, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU'VE PLAYED THE EPISODE!!!

AND I'll add an open poll to this thread for you to rate the episode on a scale from one to ten. It's not a substitute for a constructive review... it's just because I like polls.

Please ignore the results if Gary Whitta votes a 10. :D

edit: I created the poll as an open poll so you could see who voted which number... but it seems like Jake had different plans. So now Gary can vote and you wouldn't even know. ;)
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  • Just played episode four all in one go last night. I'm so pissed at Kenny, I had that SOB's back since the get-go, the only things I didn't do were help him kill Lily's dad or steal the food. Even when I disagreed with him, I used the mildest language and tried to mollycoddle him, I didn't fight him on the train but talked him down. But in episode four I had finally had enough of his bullshit because he was NEVER there for me, and I told him fuck himself -- and that was that. I wonder what you have to do in order to get that rat bastard to support you?

    I wanted to kill Ben in chapter 3 for what he did, but Clem liked him so I let him stay. When it came to letting him go -- I had to pull him up, because the other choice would have been murder, plain and simple, and that would have made me no better than him. Now I'm glad that I saved him, because he's coming along with me into episode 5, and I figure I need him. He's turning out to be a better man than that bastard Kenny.

    It was a rough episode, and now it's clear that it's not going to have a happy ending. No only that, but look at the title card for episode 5: NO TIME LEFT, and I'm pretty sure now that it's Lee's corpse that Clem is looking at.

    My guess is that Vern takes Clem into his extended family, and I hope that's the case, even though he did shoot me in the head once! He's a better man than Kenny. I don't want her going off with that damn loser.

    Will definitely look for that third tape the next time I play through! -- But I'm glad I brought Clem with me, as I'm so lousy with a gun that I'm almost certain Molly would have died otherwise...

    Possibly the greatest "game" ever, nothing has ever gotten me this involved before.
  • Walking Dead episode 4 was a great game, and had a great ending, but the ending could of been better. In my opinion, they should of ended it right before the crew walks up to Lee and he has a choice whether he can show them or not. It should of ending with showing the bite. That would of left us players with so much questions. "Will they amputate it in time?" "Will they still look for Clementine?" "How will the others respond?" Instead, unfortunately, we still have a great ending but it answers too many questions to make episode 5 imperative. Sure we don't know about Clem, but we already know who sides with Lee and that he will in fact die. Unless a character immediately chops off Lees arm in the beginning of episode 5 but unfortunately that probably won't happen :(
  • Freder58 wrote: »
    I wanted to kill Ben in chapter 3 for what he did, but Clem liked him so I let him stay.

    I hear this a lot, and I find it interesting that people will mostly do what Clementine wants even if they disagree. I did the opposite of most people, I guess. I killed both the Saint John brothers in front of her, stole from the car, and even when Clem spoke up for Ben in the classroom I still sided against him. I care about Clem a whole heck of a lot, but I'm going to do what is necessary to keep what's left of the group alive. If that means stealing food, or taking out people that are a danger to us then I'll do it because I feel it must be done in order to survive.
  • Awesome episode and one of my fav all time games.

    Can't believe Lee is bit though, this is gonna be a bad one leaving Clem.

    Got everyone coming to help me, even though Kenny was a bit pissed with me he did back me up and think Ben will come good in this episode.

  • JesseC25 wrote: »
    This is a FULL review of the entire episode, which I just finished. So MAJOR spoilers!

    So when the group arrives in Savannah, they are swarmed by walkers. Ben ends up saving himself instead of helping Clem, but Chuck rescues Clem. Chuck tells everyone to go on and he will catch up with them. The group reaches a house and then Kenny and Lee decide to go look for a boat.

    You don't find a boat, and the area with the barricade/dead walkers in the entrance to Crawford. Crawford is very dangerous where only the strong are allowed to live, elderly people/children are killed.

    The ninja girl attacks you, her name is actually Molly and she is very very helpful and joins the group. You go into the sewers because you get separated from Kenny, Molly, and Clem, and in the sewers you find dead Chuck.

    In the sewers you meet a man named Vernon and his group, Vernon is a doctor and the group are all cancer survivors who escaped Crawford. Vernon is the man that everyone thought walkie-talkie man was (it isn't him, we NEVER see walkie-talkie man, only hear from him at the beginning and the end).

    Vernon comes to visit the group and they decide they need to break into Crawford to get supplies, because Clem finds a boat hidden in the shed. They need medicine, fuel, and a battery. You sneak into Crawford where EVERYONE has become a walker. You can choose to bring Clem with you or not, I brought her with me even though everyone told me not to (because the only other option is to leave her with Omid who is not doing well).

    In Crawford, I guess there are multiple ways you could go but everyone splits up. I ended up going with Molly to find the battery. We got it and later you go into the nurse area where you watch videos of a doctor talking to this girl telling her she must have an abortion or leave Crawford. She stabs him and escapes (you can tell he wanted to sedate her to rape her). Ben also tells you he wants to tell Kenny the truth. I told him to tell Kenny, because I wanted Ben to die (for abandoning Clem and leading to Carley's death).

    When the group is escaping by climbing out of Crawford (Ben is an IDIOT, he pulls the hatchet out of the door which was keeping it closed and then all the walkers get inside) Ben tells Kenny and Kenny SNAPS, you can choose whether you want to let Kenny go at back or hold him back. I held him back because walkers were getting in.

    Then when they are finally climbing out, Ben falls back and Lee is holding on to him. I was going to save him but then he kept telling me to let him go. Clem was supporting Ben but I let Ben go because he wanted me to and Carley's death was his fault.

    You get back to the house and Clem is very upset, I tried to make her calm (twice) but she ends up crying either way.

    Whoever says your choices do not matter is an IDIOT - EVERY SINGLE CHOICE YOU MAKE FROM EP1 to NOW WILL MATTER!!!!

    The Morning After, Lee wakes up, Clem is gone. Lee goes looking outside and is attacked by a walker, kills it easily but realizes he is bit. If you hide the bite from the group, Lee will go to look for Clem on his own. This is what I did the first time.

    The episode ends and it shows the stats for who goes with you into the next chapter (you can go alone, have Christa and Omid go, go with just Kenny, go with just Ben, or go with everyone or some combination). I went alone (because I hid the bite) but then I did a rewind and showed the bite.

    Christa and Omid agreed to come with me. Kenny said no. I asked him to again (I was pro-Lilly until Ep.3, then I was wishy washy with Kenny after) and Kenny said that he will not come with me because I never had his back and he leaves. EVERY decision you make matters, if you are pro-Kenny, Kenny will come with you.

    Lee goes into the sewers and hears Clem on the walkie-talkie, the man tells you to choose what you say carefully. You can either cuss him, or plead with him, and I begged him not to hurt Clem.

    Then it just says: "TO BE CONTINUED".

    There is NO preview for the next episode.

    Think about all your decisions very VERY carefully, because Clementine is in serious danger, Lee is bit, and this obviously means he is going to turn and die. The first time I didn't show the bite so I went alone, but then I realized if I find Clem I will turn and she will be in serious danger. So I decided to show the bite and get as many people to come -- Christa and Omid came. At least when I die in ep.5 Clementine will have someone..depending on what happens.
    I don't agree that every choice matters. I sided with Kenny from episode 1-4. The only time I disagreed was when he wanted me to help him kill Larry and he refused to help me find Clementine. He said he wasn't sure I would do the same for him if it was the other way around and I had saved his family countless times, I fed his family at every opportunity which he seemed to forget so I ended up telling him to fuck himself out of vexation. Granted I did choke him a bit on the train but that was done out of love. I needed to knock sense into him otherwise he would of got everyone killed. On my second play through I was more pro Lilly and I was able to convince Kenny to come with me to find Clementine by begging him, reminding him she was family. The game makes you think, in the moment when your making your choices that they are big decisions but the game generally plays out the same way apart from when Carly/Doug die in ep 1 since only one of them will be in ep 2 or when Ben isn't saved in ep 4 since he isn't in ep 5 and when you choose to leave Clementines house at night or day time in ep1. That's about 3 experience varying choices over 4 episodes.
  • For everyone talking about how this episode "proves how much choices matter," you can convince everyone (including Kenny and Ben) to come with you to find Clementine no matter how you've interacted with them. You could side against Kenny 100% of the time throughout the whole game and still get him to help.


    Sorry, you are wrong. Wrong wrong wrong! :D

    If you didn't look after his family enough, Kenny WILL turn you down even if you use the Clem is my family now option.
  • Some of you really need to have a word with yourselves. You let Ben die 'cos he made some mistakes. He never intentionally hurt the group, he's just a coward and a bit of an idiot.

    He gave supplies to the bandits as he thought that was the best way to keep them at bay. It might've turned out to be a bad move, but his intention was to help. He did what he thought was best.

    Nothing he did even comes close to deliberately letting go of a man's hand and letting him fall to his death, when you had every chance of saving him.

    So to punish a man for making a few dodgy decisions that inadvertantly led to a couple of characters dying, you deliberately kill a man?

    Great logic!
    When I allowed Ben die I wasn't even holding his hand in the first place to let his hand go. I was aiming at the zombie holding him and I deliberately delayed time before I took the shot so the zombie pulled him down whilst I was still by the window.

    When I decided to kill off Ben it wasn't because of the mistakes he made it was because he was pissing me off. I asked him nicely if he had anything to do with the stolen supplies or the clues that were left in the motor inn and not only did he lie to me which I perfectly understand him feeling the need to lie because he was scared, but he lost his temper with me for even suggesting he was guilty and swore at me on a few occasions. This was in episode 3.

    By episode 4 I was already pissed off with him then he runs off and leaves Clementine. The one person who actually looked up to him and trusted him. She was really shocked when he deserted her and seemed crushed. How hard would it of been for him to grab her hand and run in the direction he ran in? That wasn't about fear that was about selfishness. I threatened him at the house telling him that if he puts her in danger again that will be it for him. I trusted him to look after Clementine at the house while I investigated Savannah with Kenny and Clementine ended up coming out of the house with out him noticing. I got separated and returned to the house to find Ben and Kenny sitting down with a bottle of whiskey, having a laugh with Clementine no where to be seen. Ben would have drank the whiskey if Lee wasn't looking at him and making him feel guilty. Then he has the audacity to shout at me and tell me to get off his back when I reminded him I asked him to keep an eye on her. Bare in mind I wanted to kill him since episode 3. He doesn't help himself I tell ya.

    I encouraged him in Crawford to wait until returning to the house to discuss what he did at the motor inn so the rest of the group wouldn't be compromised but being selfish he wanted to have a clear conscience there and then and get it all out in the open, whilst zombies were chasing us and swore at me again, for the last time. When we where in the bell tower I didn't waste the bullet I made it look like I was planning to save him by aiming at the zombie but deliberately took too long so it killed him and I told Clementine I tried to save him but I failed. Ben's actions nearly killed Molly in my play through and his deception and inability to man up and take responsibility cost Carly her life. The little fucker had it coming as far as i'm concerned.

    As far as i'm concerned not saving someone is not the same as killing them. I didn't kill Ben the zombie killed Ben just like the zombies would have killed the Saint John brothers at the dairy. The only people my version of Lee killed were the guy sleeping with his wife before the apocalypse,the bandits in episode 3 and the man who kidnapped Clementine in episode 5, regarding Ben my conscience is clear. But if we are talking about logic it is not logical to keep someone in the group that will put the safety of the group at risk, it is compassionate to do so, not logical.(even Christa understood this and agreed and she was pretty forgiving,clear headed and impartial) Many people chose to kill Larry in the meat locker because they saw him as a potential threat and a danger to the group in the meat locker. The decision many made there was based on logic. It wasn't Larry's fault he hadn't made any mistakes like Ben, but he was considered hazardous to the group at that time. I personally didn't see him as a threat so I tried to revive him but I acknowledge that those that killed him made choices based on logic and not compassion. Saving Ben would have been an act of compassion for me not logic and I couldn't stand the bastard. My relationship with him was different in the way some people's relationships with Kenny were different based on conversation tree choices, etc.

    Even in death Ben was selfish since he asked Kenny to stay with him and to make sure the zombies didn't get to him although he wasn't able to go anywhere. Ben killed off the whole set. He caused Duck's death which led to Kat's death and then he wants to take Kenny with him. I'd rather Kenny die by trying to save Christa since she had only needed saving the once and had saved him earlier in my game.
  • Viner16 wrote: »
    Well I finished the episode awhile ago and my memory is fuzzy, but to sum up basically what he said it went something along like this:

    "You never cared about my family and you expect me to help yours? Fuck you Lee."

    It was obviously more then 2 sentences, but I can't remember the exact so :p

    Also, when I looked at him Kenny didn't say the whole "I'm a Christian man, but I'm wondering..." etc stuff.

    He said "Don't look over here for help, I ain't helping you."

    So pretty much the Christian man line is the Neutral Kenny line, and I probably got the Asshole Kenny line :D

    Um... I tried to calm everything in the Pharmacy but the game ended up saying I sided with Larry.

    So there goes a point against me already.

    I saved Shawn not Duck.

    I fed both the kids, Mark, and Larry :D

    I tried to save Larry with Lilly, so I sided against Kenny again.

    Throughout Episode 3 I was calling Kenny out on killing Larry, and when Duck got bit I kept on mentioning stuff like "We have to stop this Rv!" and "What about Duck?"

    I fought him and didn't get a scratch.

    I got him to kill Duck, not sure if that matters but meh.

    I killed the boy in the attic.

    I insulted him quite a bit while he was drunk.

    When Ben told Kenny, I disagreed with Kenny and said "We gotta work on getting out of here!"

    I then voted that Ben stays with us.

    And I saved Ben when the choice came up.

    I showed my bite too :D

    I think those are all correct, haven't played for a month and that was only Ep 4 :D

    But yeah, Kenny's been an asshole to me since Ep 2.
    Basically you have to go along with everything Kenny wants you to do for him to stay loyal and close friends with Lee, which just isn't worth it. Anyone who disagree's is chattin bollocks. Iv'e played the game countless times experimenting with the "options" and unless you help him kill Larry he will turn on you no matter how much you agreed with him before that sequence and after. That sequence will make or break your friendship with Kenny or make or break your relationship with Lilly.

    The choices you make concerning Kenny in ep1 only matter up till the beginning of episode 2 when he will decide if you have earned a ride on his RV and if he see's you as a true friend. By the meatlocker scene refusing to kill Larry will negate every thing you have done for him and his family before hand and even after. I saved Duck at the farm, sided with him in the phamacy, fed Duck in ep 2 and Kenny, Lilly even pointed out I was playing favourites because I was looking after Kenny's family, I saved Kat from mr Parker, I saved Kat from Brenda, Carly and I saved Duck from Andy, at the end of ep 2 I didn't respond when he said there would be fall out and asked my opinion cause I wanted to avoid an argument.

    In ep3 he was giving me funny looks and shaking his head without saying anything when we walked through Macon town area and spoke to me rudely. He left me to die (for the second time)in the drug store instead of helping me and then asked me what I was complaining about saying "your fine aren't ya".(At least when he left Lee to die in ep2 he looked guilty) He seemed to always want to start arguments through out ep3 until it got the point where I couldn't take it any more and choked him on the train.

    In ep4 I saved him from the walker(I didn't have to. Christa could have) I supported him emotionally when he was sad about Duck and Kat but at the end of ep4 when I asked him for help he started talking shit about him keeping score and note of all the times I had his back and said he wondered if I would do the same for him if his family was in trouble. Even Christa commented on his lack of compassion and refered to him as being an ass hole. Although I know I could have talked him around and persuaded him to help find Clem I thought, I shouldn't have to, so I told him to fuck himself and left with Christa and Omid.
  • Wow, just finished Episode 4 last night, and man, was it intense.

    I was surprised to see that so many people saved Ben. SCREW BEN. I let the zombie eat him.

    I both lied to, and threatened Vernon. Is there any benefit to not doing that?

    The ending seemed a little forced though. Lee takes off the walkie talkie and goes to sleep in the same room as Clem? Stupid move. What did he think was going to happen? Then Lee gets bit by a walker hiding behind some wood? I would have been more careful. I wish they had found a better way for Lee to be bitten if they really wanted that to happen.

    I hid my bite from everyone, but also told them that I should go alone. Omid and Christa are going to wait on the boat, while Kenny insisted on helping me. He said that "I have always had his back", and that Clem and I are the only family he has left.

    I'm going to play Episode 5 tonight, I'm interested to see how this all plays out. Especially when Kenny finds out that I am bitten.
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