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Corrupted Data (PS3)

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Just a warning for PS3 users, thank god I backup my data to the cloud. I got a corrupted data message when trying to escape the armory. I died and when trying to climb the stairs and then bam it froze and said corrupted data message.

I just wanted to give a heads up to others to backup there data before playing EP4. Since I have yet to have this issue but got it tonight. At least now I know what to do to finish the level.
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  • I got a corrupt save as well! I'm so mad because now I have to redo ALL the episodes! It deleted all my save files!! I would really like a response from a Telltale employee on this one! Mine happened when :spoil-o: I just found the boat and the doctor was just coming down the stairs from looking at the guy who broke his leg in Episode 3. :spoil-o: Please, fix this fast!
  • Mine got corrupted too but it was right in the beginning of the episode. Well at least the random choices the game generated were almost identical to mine.
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