"NV4_Disp display driver" problem....help?

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As a mac user, i'm not fully aware of the inner workings of a PC however i think that I updated all of my drivers (mainly my Nvidia Graphics card) After the locust chase sequence the screen goes black, I hear the rat creatures start to talk, then the screen flashes and I get an error message that says "NV4_Disp display driver has stopped working normally"

Then i have to reboot my computer. I've downloaded the newer version of Bone and I still have this problem. I assume that it's a problem with my nvidia card, but every other game works fine... Any help/suggestions?

Thanks in advance!!


  • HeatherleeHeatherlee Telltale Alumni
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    If you've downloaded the newest drivers, then the next thing you can do to make the game work is to play in either windowed mode (Fullscreen turned off) or to turn off anti-aliasing.
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