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So lifes a bitch? (MAJOR SPOILERS)

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Ok this episode (4) Pulled on my heart strings a lot it hits you quite hard.. I was sad to see molly leave, ben nearly die but I pulled him up, lee is f@!king infected ;( , foget her name but at this point I think is quite obvs she is pregnant with the whole puking and reaction to tape (This is just my opinion) Kenny is a bastard. Everyone followed me except for kenny, allthough im hoping for a prolouge were he dies like the ending scene of one of the dawn of the deads. CHUCK DIES. Clems a fucking badass with a pistol, so is lee on the staircase. I'm really quite sad lee is bitten I was really hoping for lee and clem to go of maybe with molly as she is also a badass.
But I quess its not to be, unless somehow the infection hasent spread as he chops his whole arm of.
What are your thoughts on this episode. personally for me this is the only one which hit me hard emotionaly. Lol I had allready decided who was going on the boat.
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  • Yeah it really grinds my gears that you don't have the choice to amputate your arm. I was looking forward to seeing lee teach clem how to be a real badass. My concern now is who is going to take care of clem when lee's gone. I don't trust Kenny anymore (I have one disagreement with him and he turns into an awhile, after everything I've done for him), Ben is an idiot (but I still saved him), omid and Christa have troubles of there own with his leg and her being pregnant. And what ever happened to Vernon? I told him I'd think about it then he just takes off, suspicious if you ask me. All in all I love this game flaws and all. Looking forward to seeing the last episode followed by the new season.
  • I know I won't get on the boat with Kenny because I got bitten and I went against him to save Ben.

    For the boat, Kenny, Clem, omid, christa and Ben. Kenny stated the boat can fit five ppl lol.
  • Yeah, it's a tough story, my heart has been struck so many times.

    - Lee my favorite protagonist gets bitten, I'm not sure how someone could just easily replace him in Season 2, maybe it's Clem but what are the Odds she's like 8 how can anyone just make her a main character, although I do hope Lee survives his Infection, maybe he's Immune to it, but that's just getting my hopes up.

    - Chuck was a good man, I loved his wisdom and his little joke from EP3 "you want some candy" - to Omid and Christa.

    - I saved Ben too, since everyone was blinded by Carley's death, I'm sure the conflict between everyone and Clementine voting weather to keep or kill Ben will get the percentage up to 50%, because people still love Clementine, I'm glad she defended Ben too, so people wouldn't feel so blinded by Carley's death.

    - Although I love how The Walking Dead makes a first impression of everyone being either likable or asses to you at first, then Brie becomes nice, Vernon is friendly, Christa says we're a team in the end, I thought i was going to lose Omid, but then he just wakes up from his sleep, even though Kenny turned out to be a total ass, i'm sure that him and Ben could fix this mess they have, as for Ben, I'm sure he will finally prove his worth after everything he's done, for Clementine.

    It does seem like it though, life can't always be fair, you'll lose the ones you love one way or another, and you just have to deal with it in the end, like Carley's death, but Personally I was more sad when Doug died, but as much as you say "Bring them back" they'll stay down.

    Anyways, I hope the ending is unpredictable, how i'm seeing it is "Lee either dies to Clementine, saving everyone and getting them to the boat leaving Lee behind on Savannah as he turns into a Walker, or something else, who knows.

    Telltale has been unpredictable with most things, most of us were like "i'm gonna totally kill Larry" then we end up saving him because of the situation it was in, it wasn't like a determinate situation where you get to keep him alive or kill him off like choosing who lives or dies with Doug and Carley, same with Duck and Ben too, so I hope the ended will be a great one.

    I Guess we'll have to wait and see in The Walking Dead Episode 5.
  • I wasn't looking out for his family because I didn't want to murder someone else's family in front of their eyes. Kenny is pretty crazy, just think about it.
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