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The way Lee says 'No...' after picking up the Walkie at the end...

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Oh fuck, it gives me shivers. It's exactly what I'd be like if that happened, the the obvious panic in his voice just sounds so fucking real to me...

Ugh, I don't even like thinking about it. Easily the most feels I've ever felt in a game.
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  • Yeah... Losing him would mean the voice of Lee would be gone and...

    WHO ELSE COULD NARRATE WITH SUCH A POWERFUL VOICE, It'll be tough to lose Lee, I hope Lee somehow survives and if someone replaces Lee I hope that someone that would have a connection with Clementine could be someone likable, I don't want someone generic, Lee's story is unique, I wouldn't want to drift off into a new one, but The Walking Dead is filled with such things we may not expect, of course most of us expected the "Main character dying in the end to save his group thing".

    Such Emotion within this game, I love it... Telltale always seems to pull off the unpredictable sometimes.
  • I just hope if Lee dies that Christa/Molly the person you can play for a short time.
  • It makes me really sad... and you can hear it all in his voice. He's come so far, and Clem still needs him... He obviously can't believe that it's happened. And I think it'd be the same for a lot of people... Most of us think we're immortal. Not intellectually, but deep down inside, most people think death is something that happens to other people. Most will also deny it, but that's because they don't know themselves well enough. ...and they'll deny that too :P
  • Lee's voice actor has done a great job, and that scene was great.
  • Yeah, good scene, makes me feel like shit. Job well done.
  • Hours later and I still feel like absolute shit.
  • The chorus of "No"s after Lee got bit was one of his best lines in the entire series. You can genuinely feel the desperation and fear in his voice as he tries to wish the bite away. Hope he goes out quickly and painlessly, with NO way to come back.
  • OMFG! Never underestimate the power of denial. Lee will not die. Lee will not die.
  • Dave Fennoy has done an amazing job with this game. Is there an award he can win for voice over work in a game? He should win everything.

    That, "No" when he got bit was incredible.
  • i honestly think lee wont die saving the group or from the bite i don't think he will die at all because it would be way to expected i think something completely random will happen to the group like clem dieing and not lee
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