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The Final Choice

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Who hid the bite, and who was up front with the group about it?

Also - I noticed in the statistics that you can get people to come with you in your quest to rescue Clementine. Can anyone explain to me how that works? Do you have to reveal your bite for this to happen, and then anyone who had had a good relationship with you tags along?

Personally I hid my bite, and opted to go it alone. I didn't want the sympathy of the group, and I certainly didn't want to put any of them in jepordy. I figure I can Rambo-it to Clem (since I no longer have anything to lose) and when I get to her, she can stay with Vernon and his people. The group go off in the boat, and my Lee dies happy in the knowledge that he got everyone out safely.

I'd be really really interested to hear how you guys decided, and if anyone could answer my question, I'd really appreciate it!
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  • Revealed my bite. Christa and Omid seemed really easy to convince, but then I've been really nice to them. Kenny wasn't all too pleased with me, but I did side with him a few times, took out Duck for him, killed the thing in the attic, AND told him that Clem was my family. For Ben, I had to nudge him in the right direction telling him to make up his mind (though I bet it's pretty much a shoe in if you tell him that Clem vouched for him) and I had been nice to him for the most part.
  • I showed them. Omid + Christa were like, insisting they came to help. I told Ben I couldn't make the decision for him, and he decided to help. I told Kenny I needed him, but he stayed behind.
  • l show the bite,Omid+Christa come with me,they said l deserve the help,l let Ben chose, he said that l don´t trust on him(l AGREE), Kenny help me because l said Clementine it´s like a family for me.
  • I showed the group my bite, wanting to be honest. Omid and Christa decided to come along with me right away along with Kenny, who said I always had his back (and I have, he's my best bud :P).

    Ben wasn't there to make the decision to come with me or not, I had left him as zombie bait. :(
  • All came with me.
    And i showed the bite :)
  • I showed the bite. Keeping secrets never turns out well in the end. Omid and Christa came with me no questions asked which was a nice suprise, Kenny took a bit of convincing though. And Ben was already gone.
  • I showed them the bite.

    I was nice to Kenny, Omid & Christa, so it wasn't that though to convince them help me.
  • I remained silent during the hide/show option, and Omid noticed the bite on his own. He and Christa immediately volunteered to help me find Clementine. Kenny flat out refused to come before I even asked, spouting his usual "I've never done anything for him" crap. I tried to persuade him with the "family" option, but that only made him even angrier. I told Ben he had to make up his own mind, and he decided to stay behind, because he still thinks he's a monumental screw up. And then Kenny threatened Ben again and said he still wasn't sure he wanted him on the boat. Ben still didn't come with us, though. Hopefully Kenny doesn't end up murdering him.
  • Showed the bite. Kenny was iffy until I mentioned family. Ben kept whining about Kenny not wanting to go with him until I mentioned Clemn vouching for him. Omid and Christa didn't need convincing, they volunteered.
  • Showed the bite. Omid and Christa said we're a team, Kenny said he wouldn't be my friend if he did not help me look for Clem. Ben needed a push in the right direction( told him Clementine stood up for him). He decided he will do it because he wanted to make things right with Clementine and Kenny.
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