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How do you get everyone to join you in the end?

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What choice do I need to get Ben to join without leaving kenny?
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  • Did you bring Clementine with you to the school and let her vouch for him? For me, mentioning that Clem vouched for him is what convinced him to join.
  • What option do you need to pick to get kenny to let him join?
  • Peace&Love;691412 said:
    What option do you need to pick to get kenny to let him join?
    in my playthorugh "deal with it Kenny" or something like that with the condition that Kenny doesn't hate me much.
  • For Kenny it seems like you really have to side with him in episode one, like save Duck, and stand up to Larry, cause he considers that as two times you didn't help Duck. The meat locker choice seems to hit him hard in 2 and 3, but by the end of 4 I don't think it matters as much as the other choices because I chose Shawn over Duck, sided with Larry, killed Larry in 2 and sided with him as leader. Although in 3 I had Doug so the news I was a convicted killer hit him hard, and he kicked my ass on the train hah, so I guess are "friendship" took to many turns for him to want to help me.
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