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Sign for Bone 3!

posted by Guybrush Threepwood on - last edited - Viewed by 28.4K users
It's time to get serious - that's right, an online petition! :D Sign here to try and get Telltale to start work on a third Bone game!
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  • I had not even been aware of the "Bone" adventure games until I bought "Wallace & Gromit" some weeks ago. Then I immediately purchased the localized version (German) of "Bone" for a very reasonable price and had a lot of fun playing. - But it is really, really disappointing that the story remains open at the end of that episode! :(

    Therefore I have signed this petition, too. - By the way, it is amazing that even within the last 4 months about 70 additional people have signed the petition, though it has been started more than 1.5 years ago!

    I have not read everything about "Bone" within this forum yet, but has there been any official statement by Telltale why they decided to completely stop all development after the second episode? - If the sales were too low, then it is probably because the first episode is very(!) short and contains some annoying "jump and run"-style mini games. But the second episode is really great, so I think everybody will like it, even people who have never heard of Bone before (like me). - Or might this be a copyright issue?
  • Signed (420th)

    I discovered the Bone comics because of Telltale Games and now I love it! But I don't like to buy a series that's no going to be completed...

    German version? Is there a spanish version?
  • Signed (422nd)

    Like so many before me, I bought this game because of the 50%-off-of-everything promotion. And I actually liked the game! Switching between the characters was fun. And I want to know if Fone Bone will be caught by the Rat Creatures and the cloaked mystery man and so on.

    I noticed that Bone's voice is by the same guy as Sam, and wasn't the other one by the Max voice actor? Well guys, get together and whip up another fine episode for us!


    Hmm... I just read a bit about Bone on the Wikipedia and it seems the two games are following the two books very closely. So for the third game, TTG 'just' has to adapt the third book into a game. No need for story writers and such, to find out what will happen with the Bones, Rat Creatures, Thorn and the dark lord; it's all in there!
    Now get started programming! ;)
  • I read on Wikipedia that the first 2 games they had would be the only ones they would make. I just hope they change their mind. I am really looking forward for the 3rd game of the series.
  • I must admit, I saw that a new Bone game is on the way. But they said nothing about Telltale. I don't assure that is true, though
  • They need a new one. They can't leave the series hanging like that. It's against everything Telltale stands for
  • I'm actually replaying the first two games and reading Book 8, Treasure Hunters and... you have to make more games! (Hmm... Please)
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