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Game Saves not working

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I've seen a few other threads related to game save issues, but this is a bit different so I figured I'd make a new thread.

After downloading the new episode 4 patch on Steam, The game no longer thinks I have any saved games and it starts a new game. Looking in my documents/telltale/the walking dead folder, my old game saves are all there. The game just doesn't seem to recognize them. I went into the registry and the game save location is correctly directed to that folder where my existing saves still are.
I tried moving the save game folder, starting a new game, letting it save, and then replacing the newly created save file with an old one, but it still just loaded the new game save. There must be alternate game save file somewhere or something. Anyway, it seems people are having all sorts of issues with their save files, and I didn't know if anyone had a fix. Any telltale reps out there able to help me and the many others out? Thanks for any help.
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  • well I think I said this before on the steam forum (about 2 months ago), when no one listened to me.

    The save game "Fix" does simply not work, the game still carries data from previous games even though they are deleted.
    If anything the save fix made my save problem worse, so I simply quit playing this game. At this rate they're never going to fix it, and I doubt they even know the problem exists because people still think the save fix works.

    At our expense we at least learned a bit about how the support at Telltale works, it doesn’t. :p
  • That is really a shame. I have never experienced anything like this before with any other game. It seems like such a simple issue to avoid. Very disappointing.
    I used to tell everyone I know about Telltale and the Walking Dead game because of how amazing and different the gameplay is. It is a shame that my desire to evangelize for the game and their company has been crushed by my disappointment at having to replay 6 hours of gameplay that I don't want to replay. (I know I can simulate my decisions, but I wouldn't feel connected to my game if I did that).
    Anyway, I'm actually just really sad. Shame that there isn't a fix. Thanks.

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