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Who is hotter? Carley or Molly?

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Personally I liked Carley. She was kind of dumb at first: doesn't know how batteries look like nor how to place them, doesn't know what Volts are etc.. but in EP3 her flirting etc. got me. Sad!

But now with Molly I think she is even hotter. She seems a whole lot smarter and damn that girl has some ninja moves. And I love her hoodie+dust mask combination :D.

I was so sad to see Molly deciding to leave the group and not coming with us :(

Who did you prefer? And darn, I want a romance for Lee already! But that's too late for 1 Episode left meh

edit: Typo in poll. Can't seem to edit. Screw it..
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  • dubesor wrote: »

    Who the FUCK is that!?
    And Molly is a bit too masculine, but I like her otherwise.
  • Sutinen wrote: »
    Who the FUCK is that!?
    And Molly is a bit too masculine, but I like her otherwise.

    One of the unnamed cancer survivors.
  • Carley, Molly was to young and had short hair. and did some what unrealistic moves.
  • Molly is hot
    Carley is cute.

    That's how I see it.
  • Huh, this thread's still going on. I mean, this had been going on longer than "F*** Kenny" if i'm correct. Anyway, way back I chose Molly. I still stick with that. I liked her character, and she gave me hope and points. Plus, I can't really ignore a girl who makes a Back to the Future quote.
  • dubesor wrote: »
    The least pretty? Kidding right?

    Compare her again








    the least pretty?
    Well I guess tastes are different. I found her the bestlooking next to Carley.
    Some people say Lilly I actually thought Lilly wasn't goodlooking at all, mediocre at best.

    you're forgetting irene.
  • I am a female who is straight but if I had to choose:

    1. Carley
    2. Molly
    3. Irene
    4. Lily
    5. Christa

    Men? why not

    1. Lee! Awesome voice, nice build, nice face, badass
    2. Travis- annoying voice, but he looked kinda cute and his dad was in special forces!
    3. Mark- Cute guy in glasses. Obviously before his legs were chopped off haha
    4. Omid- Cute and funny, not really into short guys but oh well
    5. Kenny- Handlebar mustache
    6. Ben- Whiny voice, kind of looked like Shaggy from Scooby Doo
    7. Glenn- Bleh. The actor that plays him in the TV series is 100x cuter
    8. Doug- Awesome guy, but he had that double chin thing going on
    9. Chuck- Why the hell not
    10. Larry- Despite the charm coming out of his ass, it just wasn't working for me.

    what about travis and ben's teacher mr. parker? what about the st. john's or... wait, did you just say IRENE? wtf!
  • i believe personality affects looks, not in a physical way but a perception way, as in if you hate someone every fault the have is magnified and if you really like/love someone those faults can be character, invisible/not noticed or even your favourite parts.

    so the one you like the most is probably gonna be the one you think is the hottest
  • In my opinion, Carley was plain and boring. I had no affection for her at all, and the romance between her and Lee seemed forced. I prefer Lilly and Molly.
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