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Who is hotter? Carley or Molly?

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Personally I liked Carley. She was kind of dumb at first: doesn't know how batteries look like nor how to place them, doesn't know what Volts are etc.. but in EP3 her flirting etc. got me. Sad!

But now with Molly I think she is even hotter. She seems a whole lot smarter and damn that girl has some ninja moves. And I love her hoodie+dust mask combination :D.

I was so sad to see Molly deciding to leave the group and not coming with us :(

Who did you prefer? And darn, I want a romance for Lee already! But that's too late for 1 Episode left meh

edit: Typo in poll. Can't seem to edit. Screw it..
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  • Carley is hot , but all that ninja moves of Molly makes her hot too.But I'll go with Carley,I suppose.Because , like Lee said before "I was fond of her."
  • dubesor wrote: »
    Molly is like a female version of Glenn in a way.

  • Molly has a pulse. Carley doesn't. Doesn't that matter to people?

    Lilly's facial features are hard. She's not as conventionally feminine as the others, but she's attractive.
  • dubesor wrote: »
    Molly is like a female version of Glenn in a way.

    Interesting catch. I agree. Both are independent solo Survivalists and quick on their feet. if you meant by their looks no
    IndigoHawk wrote: »
    Molly has a pulse. Carley doesn't. Doesn't that matter to people?

    Since when do video game characters have a pulse?
  • Molly. iCarley needs to grow up (and also not die to a headshot).
  • Kenny's hot.

    No chance. Lee all the way.
  • The Cow is the hottest character in the game!
  • I judge base on a lot of things. In the trio of gals it goes;

    Molly- Fucking amazing ninja girl

    Lilly- Though crazy, and hell is she crazy at the end and into the comics, she was reasonable and consistent. It helps that even though she ended up killing Doug she was right that it was Ben who fucked everything up. That much vindication can't be forgotten. Besides she's a military girl that is useful.

    Carley- She was worthless. Okay yeah shes good looking but she was dumb as a door knob and couldn't save herself when she had a gun in hand. Pistol whip the damn thing girl! Besides... of all the other women Carley was a severe under-performer.
  • Molly, Molly, Molly... How I love me some Molly!!! The things we could do together... Bashing Geeks... Hmmm.... And other things... LOL!!! Carley Had nothing on Molly! Nothing! Molly is the S in ShIt as in The Shit. And don't you forget it! Thats it from your lord and master G, Billy G. Remember it. And Molly, you can come by my place and crack some skulls with me anytime.
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