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Who is hotter? Carley or Molly?

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Personally I liked Carley. She was kind of dumb at first: doesn't know how batteries look like nor how to place them, doesn't know what Volts are etc.. but in EP3 her flirting etc. got me. Sad!

But now with Molly I think she is even hotter. She seems a whole lot smarter and damn that girl has some ninja moves. And I love her hoodie+dust mask combination :D.

I was so sad to see Molly deciding to leave the group and not coming with us :(

Who did you prefer? And darn, I want a romance for Lee already! But that's too late for 1 Episode left meh

edit: Typo in poll. Can't seem to edit. Screw it..
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  • None of the women encountered in Season 1 have been particularly attractive.
  • NeonBlade wrote: »
    None of the women encountered in Season 1 have been particularly attractive.

    I think Carley naked is more curvaceous then she seems. But I kind of agree. Where are the Lara Crofts? lol
  • I'm attracted to guys but I will cast my vote anyway. :P

    I vote for Molly. She has a cute haircut and is extremely self-sufficient. Also I found that she was a kind person. Like, she respected the rights of the sick, she traded the use of her body to provide medicine for her sister, and helped out Lee's group in Crawford when she could have let them go on their own. c:
  • I like Carley, but i prefer Molly.
  • Molly looked a bit under age to me.

    I mean I guess she is not since telltale had her doing sexual things but still she looked a bit young.

    I like my women to look like women and not little boys.

    I'm weird like that.
  • Molly! She's so damn pretty..
  • I must be the odd one but I choose Molly's voice actress, don't judge me!
  • Honestly I think TellTale needs to work on their female character models. All of them seemed a little "off" to me. But Carley had a good personality.
  • Bearcules wrote: »
    Molly is a bit too young, don't you think?
    Molly looked a bit under age to me.

    How old did you guys think she is? to me she looks like she is in her early 20s. Perfect age.
  • Anyone else find Molly really irritating? All those annoying comments like "Do you ever stop complaining" and "Nice group you got here" (sarcastic). Then she took the battery which just pissed me off even more. If you die on you're sightseeing trip then what the hell do we do? You didn't even tell us where you're going! Also don't like the fact she can randomly parkour all over the place and take on zombies like a ninja. Just drags me out of the realism and doesn't seem walking deady. Also was going to leave me and Kenny to die and later demands a seat on the boat because she saved us. Screw you Molly!

    Compare that to the nice, friendly girl who sticks up for Ben when Lilly is going crazy and saves Lee's life's a bunch of times because its the right thing to do. She also doesn't annoy the crap out of me so I have to give it to Carely.
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