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Black Screen at startup walking dead

posted by lopso111 on - last edited - Viewed by 303 users
Non steam version. Double click the game to start it up, and i get a black screen. no symbols, no loading screen, nothing. it just sits there. I alt+tab, it closes out, and get "The application has failed to initialize." I press space bar once, nothing happens, i press it twice, it goes from a black screen to the loading screen for the game for a split second, then closes itself out with the same error. Windows 7 64bit. My pc is far above the min requirements. Help!
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  • Having exactly the same problem, although I'm on mac, worked fin yesterday today can't play.
  • Actually has now started working but after leaving the screen for about 10 mins. The game actually takes nearly 20mins for it to start. First you have to wait for the black screen and then you are stuck on the title screen for about 15mins before you get to the main menu. Very fustrating
  • i started up the game this morning, and waited, and waited, for 45 mins and nothing, did the space bar double tap, and the loading screen popped up for a split second, then it closed out on me again.
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