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Four Means Death...

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Anyone notice in Telltale's games things always take a turn for the darker around the fourth episode?

Sam and Max Save the World: The hypnotism conspiracy turns out to be even bigger than they thought, two Presidents get murdered, President Max begins his reign of tyranny, and war ravages the Dakotas.

Sam and Max Beyond Time and Space: T.H.E.M. turns out to be real, Bosco dies (if temporarily), ends with Sam and Max having to head off to Hell.

SBCG4AP: Dadgeresque, Uzi Bazooka, and Renaldo all die (and he was so close to retirement!). Ends with Strong Bad unknowingly about to release Trogdor.

Tales of Monkey Island: The Voodoo Lady turns out to not as innocent as we thought, Morgan dies, DeSinge gets ground up, and at the end LeChuck turns out to still be evil and kills Guybrush.

The Devil's Playhouse: Charlie Ho-Tep reveals himself, Junior almost gets summoned, the Toys of Power are destroyed, and Max becomes Maxthulhu.

Back to the Future: Begins in a brainwashing facility with Doc strapped to a Clockwork Orange-style torture device. Marty ruins the lives of everyone around for his own means, and Doc turns against him for it.

Jurassic Park: Almost everyone dies.

The Walking Dead: ...You know.

Just found that interesting.
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